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Post Date: 2014/8/4

This district is located from 120 degrees 13 minutes 21 seconds meridian east at the eastern most end to 120 degrees 7 minutes 32 seconds meridian east at the western most end. The northern most tip is 23 degrees 12 minutes 26 seconds north, while the southernmost tip is 23 degrees 18 minutes 9 seconds north. Syuejia District is located at the northwestern part of Tainan City. Xiaying District lies to the east, Yanshui District lies to the northeast, Jiali District lies to the south, Madou District lies to the southeast, Jiangjun District lies to the southwest across Jiangjun River, while Beimen District lies to the west. The north of Syuejia District would be Bazhang River and Yizhu Township of Chiayi County. Syuejia District measures 9.3817 km from east to west and 8.7190 km from north to south, occupying a total area of 53.9919 square kilometers.
The relief of the district is quite flat. However, being a coastal district, Syuejia's soil is quite saline. The three rivers of Bazhang, Jishui, and Jiangjun pass through Syuejia, which is also located at the downstream area of the Chianan Irrigation system. Poor drainage of the district often led to floods.



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