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Foreign worker servicesChinese

Post Date: 2015/7/29 上午 09:40:09


一、Foreign worker services


() Foreign worker management consulting services:

1. Foreign worker consulting services

2. Foreign worker labor dispute

3. Foreign worker early canceling verification

4. Foreign worker service content guidance

() Foreign worker visiting services:

1. Entry notification visit

2. Illegal case visit

3. Foreign worker service content promotion

()Private employment services agency management

1. Private employment services agency engaged in transnational manpower brokerage visit

2. Law guidance

()Employer Services

1. No violations documents apply

2. Foreign worker service content guidance


二、the complaint Line (foreign worker consultation and dispute settlement)

If there is dispute about the amount of salarysalary payment methodworking hoursworkplace, you can ask for assistance by:

 ()1955 line

Established by the Ministry of Labor, year-round 24 hours on duty, multilingual service provided.

(二)Tainan City Government consulting line Office hour: 8:00 - 17:30

1. MinjhihMunicipalCenter: 06-6328407 06-6326546

2. YonghuaMunicipalCenter: 06-2951052



()Foreign worker management consulting services

QDoes Tainan City Government labor affairs bureau provide foreign language services?

AYes, we provide ThailandIndonesiaVietnamese service in Minjhih Municipal Center, provide FilipinoVietnamese service in Yonghua Municipal Center.

Q: Why foreign workers have to pass the early canceling verification if they want to return to their home country before the contract expire

A: This is to protect the right of foreign workers, avoiding improper or no reason repatriate by employer.

() Foreign worker visiting services

QIf foreign nursing workers’ working place change or factory dormitory relocate after entry into Taiwan, how to visit them

AEmployers need to apply for address alteration; we will change the staff to visit. If move to other city, the case will also be transferred to that city.

() Private employment services agency management

QHow many times will we visit the private employment services agency engaged in transnational manpower brokerage one year

AAccording to the visit program made by Ministry of Labor, each private employment services agency engaged in transnational manpower brokerage should receive one visit, if evaluation results for Class B or C level, visits should be further enhanced.

QTainan City Government has two municipal centers, how to divide the service area?


Yonghua Municipal Center:

East, WestCentral, South, North, Anping, Annan, Gueiren, Guanmiao, Longci


Minjhih MunicipalCenter:

Rende,Yongkang,Houbi,Yujing,Sinying,Danei,Shanshang,Lioujia, Syuejia,Beimen,Jiangjyun,Sigang,Jiali,Nansi,Baihe,Madou,Guantian, Sinshih,Siaying,Shanhua,Sinhua,Zuojhen,Anding,Liouying,Nanhua,Yanshueit,Dongshan,Cigu.


四、others (related welfare measures)

(一)Execute law guidance or leisure activities.

 (Activities may be different every year, according to the bulletin)

 () Foreign workers occupational injury assist fund

Employers can apply compensation in the event of foreign workers occupational injury, please contact ForeignWorkersCounselingCenter.

(三)the relevant laws and regulations Content Query


五、Form Downloads

(一)Foreign workers entry report.

(二)Foreign workers care plan.

(三)Foreign workers occupational injury assist fund.


(四)Location change.


(五)Early canceling verification.

(六)You can also download the document on the website of Ministry of Labor.

六、Related legal provisions

Labor Standards Act

Enforcement Rules of the Labor Standards Act

Regulations for the Implementation of Annuity Insurance under the Labor Pension Act

Act of Gender Equality in Employment

Enforcement Rules for Act of Gender Equality in Employment

People with Disabilities Rights Protection Act

Regulations of Rewards for Outstanding Institutions Employing the Disabled



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