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Juojhen is a municipality of Tainan City, located at the southeast end of the vicinity. Spanning across an area of 74.9025 kilometers, Juojhen nestles inland, bordering Nanhua District and Kaohsiung’s Neimen District at east, Longqi District at south, Sinhua District at west and Shanshang and Yujing Districts at north. Juojhen is not on a high ground, but the terrains are undulating. Under the special geological conditions, unique landscapes, such as half-side hills, deep valleys, meandering streams and sharp cliffs were formed. Lacking continuous flat terrain, the locals and outsiders call this special badland landscape the "wavy lands". This district is serviced by provincial expressways Tai 20 and Tai 20B (Nanjuo Expressway) and city expressways Nan 168 and Nan 162.