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Home of Manjack

Home of Manjack
“Manjack” is almost a synonym to Juojhen. This unique local product is a symbol of life for its tenacity to grow in extremely poor soils. The spirit represents the residents of Juojhen, who similarly grew and thrived from harsh environment.
Steps for Making Manjack Preserve
The most common way of processing manjack is boiling the fruit with salted water. Manjack fruits are immersed in salted water and cooked with constant stirring for over an hour, until the fruit peel cracks. The paste is then seasoned, chilled, and preserved in a freezer or by pickling. Manjack preserve is often used as a seasoning for stir-fried and deep-fried dishes, soups or sauces. The peak production season of Manjack is close to the season of mango.
Mango, banana, Manjack and bamboo shoots are the four treasures of Juojhen in summer time. The Juojhen Farmers’ Association launched the Bai-e Festival, featuring cultural and industrial activities and the mascot Miss Bai-e.
Step 1: select Manjack fruits
Step 2: Cook the fruits
Step 3: Season the paste
Step 4: Bottle the product