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“Trendy Enterprises Value Integrity” in Tainan

       Today (August 28), Tainan City Government held the “Join Forces with Honest Companies to Build a City with Integrity”—Trendy Enterprises Value Integrity Forum in the international conference hall of the Southern Taiwan Innovation & Research Park, MOEA, inviting eight entrepreneurs as speakers, including: Vice President Han Chia-Yin of Dachan Great Wall Group, Chairperson Tu Zhong-zheng of the Uni-President Lions, President Wu Jia-de of Wei-He International Gourmet, Founder Zhou Bo-jun of Outstanding Contributions Education, President Zhang Yin-ying of YOYI Costume Design, Executive Director Wu Yi-zhen of Cado Goodfood, President Xue Lian-feng of Hsiang Cheng Electric Corp., and Chairperson Liao Pei-ling of Gain Hwang Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd. Different from a traditional lecture, this forum consisted of a series of short speeches (10 minutes per speaker), where they shared how companies carry out the value of integrity. Nearly 200 people attended the forum, and the whole event was also livestreamed on Facebook.

  During the event today, Deputy Mayor Xu Yu-dian stated that honest companies treat consumers, employees and shareholders in a responsible manner, and protect the environment while facing risks and competition. In recent years, the city government has been actively creating a good industrial investment environment and promoting industrial upgrading and innovative development through various policies, striving to transform Tainan into a “Core Industrial Area” and “Smart City.” The city government aims to become the most reliable partner of honest and high-quality enterprises in Tainan, helping them achieve sustainable management and development, so that they can work with the government to boost the economy. This way, Tainan will not only be an ancient city of culture, but also a livable city full of happiness.

  Director-General Cheng Ming-chian of the Agency Against Corruption, Ministry of Justice stated that integrity is the key to a company’s sustainable management. By establishing an open and transparent management system, promoting moral responsibility among employees, satisfying customers’ right to know and fulfilling corporate social responsibilities, along with open, transparent, honest and efficient administrative procedures of government agencies and the mutual trust between public and private sectors, we can create a good investment environment.

  During the forum, Vice President Han Chia-Yin shared how the company has operated based on honesty in the past 63 years, striving to last 100 years. Chairperson Tu Zhong-zheng of the Uni-President Lions provided an example of how he managed an honest baseball team which never fixes a match, making the Uni-President Lions the only team that has lasted 30 years in the history of the Chinese Professional Baseball League. President Wu Jia-de of Wei-He International Gourmet, also a famous writer, shared how he ran a trustworthy and altruistic business. President Zhang Yin-ying of YOYI Costume Design emphasized the importance of integrity in the procurement process when doing business with schools. Executive Director Wu Yi-zhen of Cado Goodfood talked about how she cooperated with government agencies to avoid school meal scandals. As the third chairperson of Gain Hwang Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd., Liao Pei-ling focused on the quality of bag products and the proper disposal of wastes produced in the manufacturing process, promoting paper recycling and reuse. President Xue Lian-feng of Hsiang Cheng Electric Corp. took drug-free management and the establishment of an agri-solar energy ranch as an example, sharing his philosophy of sustainable development and mutualism.

       Integrity is the core value of enterprises, and only companies that have both operation capacity and social responsibility can ensure sustainable management. This year (2020), Tainan City Government also interviewed local enterprises on how they carry out the value of integrity. Today is also the book launch of the e-book Integrity to Victory 11+, published this month (August). We hope that by inviting corporate representatives to share their personal experiences, we can spread the seed of business integrity, so that enterprises can work with the city government to build a city with integrity, creating a win-win situation.