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Comprehensive Planning Section

About this section​

  • Environmental Education Unit:

The unit is in charge of planning and promoting environmental protection policies, education and advocacy for environmental protection, environmental improvement projects and guidance for volunteer teams of environmental protection.

  • Environmental Evaluation Unit:

The unit is in charge of planning and promoting environmental evaluation systems, reviewing and supervising environmental impact assessment, scheming and managing information systems, applying for environmental permits of factory establishment and changes, managing Substitute Service.


Achievements of this section

  • Environmental Education Management and Promotion Project

1. In 2017, provided financial support to a total of 68 schools and non-government groups that held environmental education events. A total of 2,500 people attended these events.
2. Held Tainan City Environmental Education Awards Ceremony, and advised those participating in the National Environmental Education Award competition. 2017 marked the fifth year the national event was held, and Tainan City residents earned one Excellence Awards and two Distinction Awards.
3. In 2017, 16 environment courses were held, which focused on the issue of those who violate environmental protection laws. A total of 1,553 people were notified, and 1,211 people came to the courses. The attendance rate was 98%.
4. In 2017, a total of 174 green consumerism education and promotion events were held to promote green consumerism. The city’s government offices and schools designated a goal of 100% of goods bought are certified as environmentally friendly.
5. Advised a host of communities on projects they carried out: six communities with community resources surveying and environmental improvement projects, one communities with environmental protection classrooms promotion projects.

  • Environmental Protection Volunteer Training, Management, and Oversight Project

Advise 636 environmental protection volunteer teams, which come from 37 districts and have 26,670 total volunteers. Furthermore, help volunteers become more involved and passionate about environmental protection. In 2017, eight environmental protection volunteer training events were held, which cultivated 783 volunteers whom also earned environmental protection volunteer certificates. The purpose of these events is to increase the influence of local environmental education.

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

1. Held five EIA review committee meetings. Reviewed 11 EIA cases, passing ten of them.
2. Carried out 152 on-site inspections of EIA cases filed by the city, reaching an inspection rate of 150%.