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I. License Grant and Scope
    To facilitate the widely diverse utilization of the website data, all of data and 
materials on the OOO (organization’s name) website, which are deemed as 
protected under copyrights and published publicly, are provided under ”Open 
Government Data License, version 1.0 (OGDL-Taiwan-1.0)”  in a free of charge, 
non-exclusive, and sublicensable method for the public. The users are granted a 
perpetual, worldwide, license to the data and materials for reproducing, adapting, 
compiling, publicly transmitting, or applying it on other methods, and as well as 
developing various products or services based on it (herein known as derivative 
works). This license is irrevocable, and the users do not have to require any 
additional written offer or other formality for it. However, the attribution shall be 
provided in the further application. 

II. Miscellaneous 
    1.This statement is only applied for copyrights, it does not cover other intellectual 
property rights, including but not limited to the grant of patent, trademark and 
entity logo. 
    2. The related personal data might be attached to the data and materials under the 
circumstances of self-disclosure by the data subject or public-disclosure by the 
law. This does not guarantee the users to have a full consent from the data 
subject for the personal data collection, processing and utilization. For the 
further application of those personal data, the users shall bear the 
responsibilities by themselves and have to make it compliant with the  Personal 
Data Protection Act in planning and execution. 
    3. Part of the videos, photos, sheet music, project outcomes, special topics, or 
other works by named authors, respectively marked as additional approval 
required for the utilization by the entity, are not in the license scope of this 
statement. For the further use of those excluded works, the users shall require 
an additional permission from the entity. 

III. The users are encouraged to make reasonable efforts with respect to moral right 
protection of the third parties involved, including the right of paternity and the 
right of integrity. 

IV. The users should not maliciously manipulate the related information in the use of 
these data and materials provided under this statement. If the related information 
is rendered as intendedly inconsistent with the original data and materials in the 
exploitation, and the users can be reasonably liable for this unlawful fabrication 
act as well, then the users shall bear the full legal responsibilities by themselves 
either in the civil or in the criminal procedure. 

V. This statement does not grant the users to represent the entity to the 
recommendation, permission, or approval to the derivative works.