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Water Quality and Toxic Substance Management Section

About this section

  • Water Quality Protection Unit:

Rivers and marine pollution prevention planning and execution of programs and regulations determination, approval, interpretation and implementation of control fees-use planning, management and execution, research and development, monitoring, inspection and prevention of personnel training and management.

  • Toxic Substances and Environmental Agents Management Unit:

Toxic chemicals substances and environmental agents management, disaster prevention and relief of toxic chemical substances. The implementation of programs and drinking water management plan and draw up an implementation plan, water management regulations, interpretation and implementation issues.


Achievements of this section

1. We successfully restored the Erren River and found eels at the estuary. The fish species in the river are 39, which are accounted for an increase of 13 species, more than those in 2007.
2. From 2010 to 2017, the river with serious pollution decreased 8.2 kilometers, accounted for the largest improvement of 2.0%. The non(slightly)-polluted and lightly-polluted river increased 5 kilometers, accounted for the largest improvement of 1.2%.
3. We conducted the program “Fertilized Field, Clean Water” to advance the quality of river. The achievements of livestock wastewater for irrigation (127,786 tonne/years) and the irrigated area (144.81 hectare) were the first in Taiwan.
4. We promoted the program “Green Harbor” to control the sources of wastewater in the port, elaborating relative strategies for the reduction of pollution at the harbor.
5. we,on site,examined the capacitor facilities of 1207 and transformers of 4697 with polychlorinated biphenyl(PCBs) requlated by environmental protection Administration. The information of Poisons is simultaneously uploaded and updated in the Poison Management System.
6. we exexcute the joint inspection in public places of 171, where the public dangerous items are exceeding to the 30 times of controls. we would track situations for improving their responsibilities.
7. In order to outlaw and eradicate the illegal operations, we have associated prosecutors, policeman, and environmental units in inspections of 39 places.
8. we united with surveillance units and police to perform the spot inspection for toxic chemical operation, to check the delivery vehicles that follow the regulations. We have checked 41 cars and exposed 1 cases from July to October in 2016.