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Soil Pollution Management Section

About this section

  • Soil and Groundwater Pollution Prevention and Management Unit:

This unit aims to plan, prevent, manage, and control soil and groundwater pollution.
1. Monitoring, survey and investigation of soil and groundwater pollution.
2. Remedying and supervising the soil and groundwater pollution.
3. Promotion of the remediation technology and relevant regulations.
4. Inspection and management of underground Storage Tanks, and examining soil and groundwater declaration forms.
5. Inspecting industry regulated by the article 8 and 9 of the “Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Act” and examining its declaration
6. Soil and groundwater pollution emergencies and petition response

  • Illegal Dumping Management Unit:

The unit is in charge of controlling illegal dumping wastes.
1. Promotion of the illegal dumping management and regulation.
2. Investigation, substitute cleaning-up and compensation claim of significant illegal dumping case.
3. Inspection of regulated dumping site.
4. Establishment and inspection of responsibility districts.

Achievements of this section

1. It is expected that 546 pollution sites and 234 monitoring wells will be inspected in 2018.
2. Thirteen pollution sites were deregulated in 2017.
3. The check points should be set up to enhance the progress of remediation under the regulation of “Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Act”.
4. The declaration of gas station data should be accomplished in January, May, and September every year. The declaration of 282 gas stations and the examination of 843 underground reservoirs were completed in 2017.
5. One hundred and seventeen proposals were examined in 2017. The declaration rate was 100% in 2017.
6. Ten emergency work and petition responses were completed in 2017.
7. Two major and fourteen minor illustration meetings, two internal training courses, and one propaganda teaching plan were accomplished to promote the illegal dumping management and regulation in 2017.
8. In 2017, one illegal dumping site was investigated and six illegal dumping sites were deregulated.
9. Three hundred and thirty-five inspection sessions of regulated dumping sites were accomplished in 2017.
10. Four high potential illegal dumping routes were mapped out to enhance inspection and to reduce the amount of waste that is illegally dumped in 2017.