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Environmental Inspection and Analysis Section

About this section

  • Environmental Audit Unit:

This unit is in charge of handling the disputes of public nuisance, petitions of public nuisance, ordinary audit, ban denounced, supervising auditors.

  • Testing and Ruling Unit:

1. Environmental testing ( Industrial wastewater、River water、Seawater【Coastal Wetlands】、Drinking water【Tap water、Raw water and Non- packaging drinking water】and Industrial waste ) .
2. Ruling affairs ( Ruling documentation issued、fines collection and Compulsory execution cases).

Achievements of this section

1. Testing
Administering environmental media analysis:A total of 4,067 samples were analyzed, bringing the running total to 37,519 tests.
‧Industrial wastewater:1,658 samples → 16,633 tests
‧Industrial waste:213 samples → 2,074 tests
‧Drinking water【Tap water and Raw water】:993 samples → 7,668 tests
‧River water and Seawater【Coastal Wetlands】:1,162 samples → 11,103 tests
‧Foul Odors: 41 samples
2. Laboratory Quality Management
a. Continued to maintain our quality  management system and obtain the renewal laboratory accreditation in compliance with the international standards ISO/IEC 17025.
※TAF Accreditation Number:0765
View scope of accreditation
b. Participated in the 32  proficiency tests with good results all around.
3. Pollution petition Inspection
a.Total number of responding to pollution report is up to 25,370 cases in 2021.
b.Average responding time is 0.19 day and satisfaction survey is good that 96.2% of feedback is positive.
4. Fines collection and Compulsory execution
a.To enhance public power and increase efficiency of payment execution, a total of 4,413 compulsory execution cases is carried out and the amount of compulsory execution fine is about NT$ 35 million.
b.Total paid fines is about NT$ 146 million and annual budget allocation is NT$ 80 million. As a result, the achievement is 183%.