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Sewage treatment plant synopsis

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A complete description of flow chart

1. The system unit is
  Pre-treatment system → Biological treatment system → Tertiary treatment system → Sludge treatment system

2. equipment unit for the
2.1 Pre-treatment System → Trash collection wells → channel → equalization pool sand washing machine to adjust pool → PH →
  rapid mixing floc pool pool
 The first paragraph of the primary sedimentation tank → first aerobic anaerobic pond pool → middle pool (a) → sedimentation tank (a)
 → the second paragraph of the anaerobic pond → aerobic tank sedimentation tank paragraph (b) → intermediate pool (b)
 → automatic filter recovery system discharge pool equipment
       Return sludge distribution tank
2.2 primary sedimentation tank and bio-chemical sludge thickener sludge thickener
  Sedimentation tanks (a)
2.3 The first paragraph of the anaerobic tank ← sedimentation tank (b) → return sludge distribution tank
2.4 Add Device → carbon allocation of return sludge anaerobic tank → second paragraph of the second paragraph of the aerobic tank pool
 → sedimentation tank (b)
 → intermediate pool (b) → Automatic filter recovery system→ discharge pool equipment
            Return sludge distribution tank


Joint sewage treatment plant unit includes pre-treatment facilities (Trash channels, collection wells, desilting equipment, and mix
thoroughly pool), chemical aggregation equipment (pH adjusted pool, rapid mixing tank), the middle of biological treatment systems
(anaerobic reactor, powder Like activated carbon biological treatment tank, settlement tank), after the section of tertiary treatment,
discharge pool.

Leachate treatment of waste sanitary landfills for the township units 1, 19-line and 17-lane highway near the town,like Jiali Township、
Sigang Township、Madou Township、Shanhua Township、Sinhua Township、Guanmiao Township、Gueiren Township、Rende
Township etc.Township of waste sanitary landfill, expected to seepage of water, 477 CMD (per ton of garbage leachate generated 1CMD
dollars, the estimated total seepage , 837 CMD)However, considering the township offices of waste sanitary landfill seepage water
treatment, foldback, closure and other factors, the average daily design sewage treatment is about 600CMD,Design water quality pH=6~9、
COD=6,000 mg/l、SS=600 mg/l、BOD5=1,300 mg/l、NH3-N=600 mg/l,by 90 years on November 21 to announce Central
Department of Water announced ○○六九九七 orders to announce of the rules of the standard of the liquid waste fluid matte,pH=6~9、
COD=200 mg/l、SS=50 mg/l

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