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Sewage treatment plant operation

Sewage treatment plant's operation unit may divide into physical, chemistry and the biological treatment three kinds.

Blocked sewage channels TK-101
Main function
The main waste water originates including buries the field water seepage, the sanitary sewage and the car wash waste water,Power
equipment is to be Blocked by him sewage channels (TK-101),Flow size to ultrasonic flow meter (FE-101) after the detection,
Transferred to the central control room, larger dirt to trash rack equipment (M-101) to remove, Trash rack equipment (M-101)
start the way (LS-101) to control by the liquidometer, avoids causing have blocking.

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Leachate collection wells TK-102 TK-102
Main function

Besides will bury water seepage of interim the collection, in addition comes from the sand washing equipment
(M102/M1034), the chemical sludge concentration basin (TK-203) and the biological sludge concentration basin (TK-204) on the
clear liquid flow enters,wait until After a certain water level meter (LS-102) to detect liquid level to flow into the pump
(SP-101A / B) pumped to the subsequent processing.

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Sand washing equipment M-102/M-103
Main function

Removal of seepage water contained in the sand to protect subsequent processing unit to prevent sedimentation.
洗砂設備 M-102/M-103圖


Mix thoroughly pool TK-103
Main function

Seeping into the treatment system for water quality and water quantity are constantly changing, the follow-up unit of processing to
ensure uniform and stable,set mix thoroughly pool ,(TK-103),In addition by air blower(B-101A/B)provides the aeration
maintains the suspended particulate matter does not subside, this trough has adjusts Gao Huo to lower the water quality and the water
volume, the water leakage divides into two parts,First, mix thoroughly pool water leakage pumps(SP-102A/B)provides treated water
, the other is the follow-up when the maintenance unit,Send to by returning raw water to pump to send(As SP-103s/B) send to landfill.
調勻池 TK-103圖


PH adjusts pool TK-104
Main function

his pool adding H2SO4 and NaOH products and using the pH meter (AE-101) control of wastewater pH value range of appropriate, to
facilitate coagulation reactions.
PH調整池 TK-104圖


Mixes the pond quickly TK-105
Main function

In this pool in waste water by adding appropriate aggregation agent PAC (MP-303A/B) and adjust the pH value (AE-101), using fast
mixing mixer (MX-102) after rapid mixing, destruction steady state.
快混池 TK-105圖


Cementitious pool TK-106
Main function

By adding a chemical Polymer Polymer (MP-304A/B) and the mixing device (MX-103) after adequate mixing, SS agglutination to
produce thick glue feathers, then overflow to the primary clarifier (TK-107) row solid-liquid separation, clear liquid on to the first
paragraph of anaerobic pool (TK-108A/B), scum and the underlying chemical sludge thickening of sludge to storage pools (TK-203).
膠凝池 TK-106圖


Primary sedimentation tank TK-107
Main function

By adding chemical and after adequate mixing, SS aggregation into larger glue feathers, then overflow to the primary clarifier
(TK-107) do of solid-liquid separation, clear liquid on to the first paragraph of anaerobic pool (TK-108A/B), scum and the
underlying chemical sludge thickening of sludge to storage pools (TK-203).
初沉池 TK-107圖


first paragraph of anaerobic pool TK-108A/B
Main function

Anaerobic biological treatment technology of wastewater, is under oxygen-free environment, decomposition of organic matter is
due to a variety of common microorganisms,Phased manner in relay response, and finally generate CO2 and CH4,This point of view
of thermodynamics, anaerobic reaction is different oxidation / reduction of organic pollutants by type of microbial metabolism,
re-composition of organic pollutants in the highest oxidation state by microbial metabolism, re-composition of the highest oxidation
state of carbon dioxide and the highest reduction state of methane,in the pond waste water uniform mixing needs the mixer
(SMX-101A/B, SMX-102A/B) to coordinate to mix well the pond water pump (SP-102A/B) simultaneously the starting operation.
第一段厭氧池 TK-108A/B圖


First paragraph aerobic pool TK-109A/B/C/D
Main function

After trash seeps out Water anaerobic-aerobic treatment processing, after waste water in nitrogen, phosphorus organic pollutant
elimination decrement, then uses the powdery activated carbon high contact surface area and the adsorption characteristic the
difficult decomposition the organic pollutant elimination.
第一段好氧池 TK-109A/B/C/D圖


Middle pool(一) TK-110
Main function

In First paragraph aerobic pool (TK-109C / D) back to the first anaerobic treatment tank (TK-108A / B).
中間池(一) TK-110圖


Sedimentation tank(一) TK-111
Main function

The festivity of sewage treatment, the water delivered by gravity (TK-112A / B), scraping scum slag arm will be sent to scum
wells (a) (TK-201),produces the sludge after the gravitational settling (M-105) sweep to the mud scraper to the sludge well, a
partial backflow (VP- 106A/B) to front end biological treatment unit (TK-108A/B),A part of the waste (VP-107A / B) discharged
to the storage of biological sludge thickening tank (TK-204); return sludge pump (VP-106A / B), waste sludge pump (VP-107A / B)
And electric valve (MV-102, MV-103) by adjust evenly pool out water pump(SP-102A / B) starting close control.
沉澱池(一) TK-111圖


The second section Anaerobic pond to enter flow well
Main function

Inlet sources including from sedimentation tank (a) (TK-111) return sludge distribution channel (TK-206), through the two brake
gate (GT-102A/B) assigned to the second paragraph after anaerobic pool (one or two) (TK-112A/B)


The second section Anaerobic pond TK-112A/B
Main function

With the anaerobic response pond (one, two)(TK-108A/B)。
第二段厭氧池 TK-112A/B圖


The second section paragraph aerobic pool TK-113A/B
Main function

With the first paragraph of aerobic pool (1~4)(TK-109A~D)。
第二段好氧池 TK-113A/B圖