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Landscaping of land reuse

  Because years to business fast development, population large regroupment city, national living constantly to upgrade, makes
various production, and consumption behavior by produced of waste large increased, garbage processing problem was or for city
most important of administrative topics one;incineration buried method and health garbage health buried for currently Taiwan
area processing garbage of main way one,Because many bury a field to use time limit will to, the usage tends near saturation,
development exploitation in the land in a close will be subjected to the restriction under some conditions, in order to prevent
improper use of these land, should first planning close Hou of land using. after the closure of the landfill, the waste due to
decomposition of buried continue to produce leachate and waste gas, flammable, waste gas, flammable, subsidence problems
and closed landfill slope stability bearing capacity of its formation is not as good as the General land, such as landfill environment
above all characteristics, be the burial site of land use restrictions.

  Seeing from the standpoint of maintenance place, whether the stability type bury field or management bury a field or not, also
does not divide in the time short, middle and long term, all take the protectorate as the most suitable use state, in the activity is only
engaged in the research and the visit;So from a geographical point of view, is not likely to bring into full play the land benefits;
taking into account the time factor, mainly of the initial maintenance, try to avoid the development activities, to the medium or long
term, and then change to other patterns of use.

(A)After landfill closure of land use, should set the burial site of developing at the same time, the burial site of planning design for
  the purpose of the overall considerations.
(B)After burying completes, land utilization state, must consider that after burying abandons the physical property, buries the field
   seal, after the time as well as buries factors and so on field area to decide it.
(C)The land utilization concerns related to landfill stabilization,may bury settlement of speed, the water seepage nature the stratum,
  to have nature and the quantity the methane, as well as buries temperature of the stratum interior and so on to take the main
  determination target.
(D)After burying the field seal the land utilization, to consider burying the waste type, waste quantity, overburden material and
  casing, broken compression and the availability of intermediate treatment, and landfill construction conditions, terrain, and
  buried, buried formation stability of time, buried strata and research Reasonable use of its land type.
(E)Burial site of land-use planning, at the time of closure of the burial topography, such as quality and quantity of the waste should
  be recorded. Management of monitoring must be compatible with the above pointers on time, to decide to stop leakage of water
   treatment and began using the land of opportunity.
(F)After burying the field seal, the land utilization basis buries abandons the physical property and the seal, passes through the time,
   may divide its use state generally, again according to project condition, environment request and in position, environmental
   requirements and the location of where the conditions, decided to appropriate land use. After the closure of time divided into
   short-term (less than 5 years), medium (5-15 years) and long-term (15 years).

   Burial site of buried waste different, its environmental characteristics are also different,its environment characteristic because
of burying of wastes property's comparing is a stability,this harm degree in each kind of environment characteristic to be slight.After
anticipated seals the field officially, immediately gradually expand the Green beautify and the land using of related engineering,
buried surface planting covered turf trees flowers, and field road improve engineering, and biogas recovery engineering, and more
tie Government implementation public expanded employment programme etc.., to its Xu reached beautify environment and the land
then using, to buried field stability, will construction into Tainan County first seat environmental Park, also will became Anding
Township new landmark, and can provides people recreation leisure of landscape area.