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Business Overview

A complete description of organization 
1. Project manager responsible for project management and coordination (Hui Industrial Technical Support) 
2. Director is responsible for landfill leachate treatment plant operations combined 
2.1 The head of the joint effusion treatment plant 
2.1.1 Operation Course: Responsible for running operation, function test, operation records, industrial safety check 
2.1.2 Maintenance Program: responsible for mechanical maintenance, functional correction, electrical instrumentation and
control checks 
2.1.3 Water Quality Analyst: Analysis of water quality testing, laboratory data management, laboratory management 
2.1.4 Heavy maintenance: mechanical maintenance, heavy machinery operation, inspection of public facilities 
2.1.5 Temporary: clean, push the CD plant, disinfection operations 
2.2 The operator in the county executive: Responsible for paperwork, making the report, accepted the county dispatch 
2.3 The head of landfill operations: responsible for operation and maintenance of landfill