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Safety and Health Code

Environmental Protection Bureau of Tainan County Government Anding ash landfills Occupational Safety and Health Code


Anding ash landfills (referred to in this field) is Yungkang incinerates factory garbage to incinerate behind , the ash residue produced
and fly an ash stability the compound provide to bury to handle and of landfills exudation water , for the establishment of the
leachate treatment plant, to prevent accidents the accident and to comply with Occupational Safety and Health Act does specially
prescribed these field workers health and safety codes of practice to protect workers health and safety, enhance the efficiency of the
entire field in order to achieve the goal of zero disasters.

Chapter I General Provisions

Article 1 : This rules is according based Occupational Safety and Health Act and its Enforcement Rules of the twenty-five
thirty-fifth article, labor safety and health organizational management and automatically checks the third approach, the rules
of labor safety and health training for the second, labor safety and sanitation Rules Article III, Article X, Article XVI, XIX,
Article ten, forty, Article nineteen, fifty eighth under Articles fifty-two, one hundred and fifty four, one hundred and fifty five,
one hundred and fifty seventh article two hundred and twentieth four, two hundred and thirty ninth article two hundred and
fortieth article two hundred and fiftieth four, two hundred and seventy seventh Article Article seventy-eight, two hundred
and ninety-two, Article ten, three hundred and tenth two, three hundred and tenth three, three hundred and tenth five ...
and so on and related laws provide for the promulgation of the staff actually responsible for compliance.

Chapter II of labor safety and health management full authority and responsibility of various ranks

Article II: The plant manager is that this field draw up a safe policy of the hygiene management , in overall charge of the field of
health and safety management issues, requiring the implementation of safety and health director of occupational safety and health
management business colleagues to observe the safety requirements of each group health matters

Article 3: This labor safe and health Administrative unit has the following responsibility:
1.Draw up occupation disaster to prevent a plan from and guide related section implementation.
2.Planning, supervising the departments of labor safety and health management.
3.Planning, health and safety supervision and inspection of facilities behave.
4.Guidance, oversee the implementation of inspection officers, regular inspection, focusing on inspection and Work Environment.
5.Planning and implementation of labor safety and hygiene training.
6.Planning health examination, the implementation of health management.
7.Supervisory occupational hazard survey and treatment for occupational hazard statistical reporting.
8.The other relevant labor safe hygiene and safety management and implementation.。

Article 4: The plant manager is cum-duty agent bear management, command, supervision of officers in the labor safety and health
for the following items:
1.Occupational hazard prevention plans implemented.
2.The safe hygiene manages the performance item of carry out.
3.The periodic inspection, the key inspection, examine and other related inspection work director carry out the item.
4.Regular or the casual inspection patrols checks each work.
5.Provides the improvement work the method.
6 .Develop standard procedures for safe operation.
7.To teach and supervise the safe operation of standard procedures in accordance with their respective implementation of the work.

Article 5: Various colleagues general matters needing attention:
1.The maintenance work place neat, completes the clean hygienic work.
2.Uses equipment and so on machinery, equipment, appliance, should defer to security operating standard program execution each
3.Before carrying out each work, should examine on the work related item implementation, and responds demand of the job safety.
4.The fire protection should consider first personnel's safety, then reaches to the thing.
5.Obey various safe health rules of safe health ordinance.

Chapter equipment maintenance and inspection

Article 6: machinery, vehicles, equipment (heavy machinery: excavators, shovels and transport vehicles: ash trucks, water truck, fuel
trucks, vans and equipment: generators,nighttime lighting equipment, fly ash Plant curing equipment, water leaking sewage treatment
plant equipment) shall be in accordance with the original operation and maintenance manual work to set maintenance plan,
and weekly maintenance of the implementation of testing.

Article 7: leaking water sewage treatment plant mixers, mud scraper operation and maintenance manual requirements imposed in
conformity with the original operation, should depend on the rules to schedule the maintenance implementation inspection, the

Article 8: Maintenance work is divided into the following:
(一)General maintenance: Extension of machinery, vehicles, equipment life, daily cleaning and maintenance work to be done
   frequently to avoid contaminating the filter net.
(二)Preventive Maintenance:Periodically carry on check according to the rules of the machine tool, vehicle and equipment
    original manufactory and necessary spare parts, lubricant, consume material it change to make operation normal, operate
    smoothly, the operation goes well.
(三)Predictive maintenance: existing equipment, vehicles, equipment, analytical assessment of the situation and life in order to
   understand the current operating conditions, to serve preventive maintenance to reduce the wear and tear due to normal
    operation or failure caused by improper maintenance of the phenomenon, its predictive maintenance are as follows :
    1.Turn to move sex machine tool equipment with the vibration analyze method the test vibrate frequency.
    2.arious phase voltages and the electric current, does the power factor survey this machines and tools, the vehicles,
    whether the equipment excess load or the low load by the electric power analysis.
    3.Motor insulates a degree to be insulating complete Before expiration headway to go a not- destructive test method.
    4.Electrical equipment and control systems of the particular measurement contacts to automatically record the temperature
    for investigation.
    5.Water pumps performance , horsepower and work and so on efficiency curve by the ratio carries on the test.
    6.The water seepage Sewage treatment plant viscosity, the water content, whether there is the solid content and PH does the
     value analysis evaluation equipment wear the situation oil material analysis to carry on the test.
(四)Adjustment maintenance: In view of machines and tools, vehicles, repair of the equipment failure; Including the adjustment,
   the adjustment open the solution components replacement and must set up the urgent recovering.
(五)Major failure of maintenance:After the operation by the operation and maintenance manual; still can not resolve the 
   maintenance work; satisfied that there are different opinions, shall develop the original manufacturer for justice of the unit.
(六)Equipment Update: machinery, vehicles, equipment failure or malfunction when, and by the replacement of the device can
   not be restored after the function or can not maintain its original function of ensuring the long-term operating conditions or a
   result of new technological developments to improve the function of the device, or Result of the new control laws and the
   need to improve the function of the device when the device replaced.

Article 9: for excavators, shovels on a quarterly basis the implementation of inspection should be thoroughly tested once at least, the
leachate treatment mixer, scraping mud plant equipment and machinery and equipment such as fly ash, the implementation should be
thoroughly checked at least once.

Article 10:Mixer, scraping mud machine maintenance, adjust, dismantle to unload etc. should be according to the following rules:
     1.Engaged in the maintenance, adjustment, shall designate the competent supervisory staff engaged in direct supervision
     of the work.
     2.Supervisors are not allowed arbitrarily to leave.
     3.When assembly, disassemblage should hold the post by the suitable personnel, the homework not- related personnel
      inside the area can not get into, as necessary, a warning sign.

Article 11:Various electricity equipments periodically check according to following item:
      1.High and low voltage electrical panel and power by the disk (including relays, switches and other instruments and
      their cut) of action test.
      2.High and low voltage electrical equipment insulation case, grounding resistance and other protective equipment
      3.Regular check parts: Extra-high at least once a year, high voltage once every six months, low pressure at least once
      every six months.

Chapter 4 landfill area slope, embankment, water wells, rain water diversion system maintenance and inspection.

Article 12: landfill area operations supervisors are to be inspected daily slope, embankment is whether the collapsed, the rain has
whether the blocked wells, rain water diversion whether the system is smooth, so that timely repairs.

Article 13: embankment Surveying monitoring point at least the second month, an earthquake or a typhoon ADDED times, records
judged against the situation in order to facilitate the rescue.

Chapter 5 job safety and sanitation standard

Article 14: the establishment of units of Safety and Health, develop safety and health program, the appropriate placement of
workers, and promote interest of safety and health, the implementation of job safety analysis and accident investigation, to
establish a good working environment, the implementation of automated inspection. Set the following rules.

(一)Operational site general safety and health Code:
   1.A dangerous or harmful to human health in the workplace, should be marked.
   2.First aid supplies and fire fighting equipment should be marked.
   3.Accident occurs, shall immediately be reported to the director response, the implementation of necessary maintenance
    (rescues) to prevent disasters continue to expand, and the report signed by administrative procedures, and the other a major
    accident should be reported within 24 hours of labor inspection agencies.
   4.Before the medical personnel arrives, should make suitable handling immediately to the sick and wounded, the first aid
    on the scene, should assist the sick and wounded to recount that the condition assists treatment and the diagnosis the
    medical care personnel.
   5.Into the workplace, should first understand whether the unsafe work environment and health, and to inform and pay
    attention to the special request of the competent health and safety personnel matters.
   6.Work should wear to wear personal safe hygiene protection to have and forbid to take a cellular phone, cigarette and
   7.Working ground and four weeks of place should usually keep dry and clean and neat hygiene.
   8.After end of job, should clean dust of the work place, in order to avoid causes two pollution.
   9.In the work place the sundry goods and the danger should eliminate frequently, in order to avoid causes the personnel
   to harm.
   10.In the operational site the toxicity and the corrosive raw material,should be stored to safe dwelling place.
   11.Used in the workplace volatile solvents, should be kept sealed.
   12.Strictly forbid to throw Cigarette butt and spit everywhere in disorder inside the work place or betel nut juice.
   13.Do not use the unsafe tool and the mechanical device.
   14.Is engaged in cleaning of the mechanical device, oiling, adjusting, the overhaul should the first engine off.
   15.Protective equipment, machinery shall be arbitrarily removed because of repair, adjustment and remove the protective
    equipment should be installed immediately after the repair is adjusted back.
   16.Materials, tools should be properly placed, shall be arbitrarily stacked on the stairs, the channel to avoid danger.
   17.Possibly has objects to fly falls the place, should wear the safety helmet, wear safety shoes.
   18.Any workplace must not stand in the hanging or the shuttle.
   19.For workers in the workplace of the channel, floor, ladder, workers should be maintained does not result in a fall, slip,
     injuries and other safety status, or to take necessary preventive measures.
   20.Should enable the workers in the mechanical operation, repair, adjustment and other process, there is sufficient space,
     not raw materials or products from mechanical placement of overcrowding caused by the labor activities, refuge, rescue
     adverse factors.
   21.Regarding the construction structure, should maintain safe stable, to prevent collapse.
   22.For the foundation and ground of building structure thing, should there is enough strength, usage can not exceed the
     load of its design, in order to prevent collapse.
   23.Set of security doors and fire escape shall not be in the locked during labor, the channel may not stacked items.
   24.Set of stairs and work and the walking distance, should be handled in accordance with Building Act regulations.
   25.For the workplace entrances, staircases, access, security doors, fire escape, etc., should be set in accordance with the
     provisions of appropriate natural lighting or the illumination. when necessary and should be set as normal lighting system
     fails to use the emergency lighting system.
   26.For the indoor work place, should establish the channel of enough labor usage according to following rules:
     a.Should have adapts width of its use.
     b.Starting from the road within two meters high, without obstacles. But work is necessary, the protective measures
      taken,no subject to restriction.
     c.The main sidewalk and relevant safe door, fire escape should obviously mark.
   27.The workplace of the sidewalks, roadways and railways, should be avoided cross. But the set bridge or underpass,
     or send manned or automatic signal device located, does not limit in this.
   28.Do not often use the emergency shelter with the export,channel or refuge apparatus,should its marked, and can be
     applied to maintain the status at any time. Set in the foregoing paragraph or passage of the exit door should be open
     to outside.

(二) Generally mechanical operational security rules:

1. For the machine in the motive operation, have notable danger should establish urgent system to move device, and immediately
 stop the operation of power systems and stop an operation.
2. Power transmission bearings devices should be appropriate lubrication, operation oiling is prohibited. But fuel injection device
 security,not subject to restriction.
3. For motive machine or transmission device, should be had to can prevent while stopping because vibrate contact or other
 surprised reason suddenly the device of start.
4. Starts regarding the machinery to revolve has harms the laborer risk, should stipulate the fixed signal, and assigns the command
 staffs to take charge.
5. Cleaning of regarding the machinery, greases, the inspection, the repair or the adjustment has causes the laborer to harm risk,
 should stop the machine's operation. To prevent others from operating the machinery of the starter, should adopt measures such
  as locked or set the mark, and establishes prevents to drop the thing to cause to harm the laborer the safety equipment.
  The antecedent work like must operation the execution condition, employers should part in the dangerous set the protection
  covers or protective fence etc..
6. In order to prevent front opening from movable contact portion of the risk of harm workers, employers should part in the
 dangerous set the protective fence.
7. Regarding from the grinder or the mixer, when takes out the internal installation, besides sets has automatically takes out the
 internal installation the machinery, should stipulate before the to operate, should make the equipment stop operation.However,
 due to operational requirements of the machinery can not stop running, when causes the laborer to use the tool to take out
 internal installation does not send endangers when the laborer safety in this does not limit.

(三) Crane lift with safety rules:
1.For a variety of cranes, should mark high burden, and stipulate an usage can not more than this restriction.
2.The employer regarding lifts heavy objects lift hook or the hoisting mechanisms the machines and tools, should have prevents
 to hang lifts hangs the object to fall off the installment.
3.The employer regarding lifts heavy objects lift hook or the hoisting mechanisms the machines and tools, to prevent with the
  hanging bracket or hoists the torso contact, the collision, should have maintains at least 0.25 meters distance the volume
  prevention installment; And makes the remarkable indication in the steel wire or supposes the alarm apparatus, prevents to hoist
  excessively causes the damage.
4.The employer regarding the elevator, should establish the end point limit switch, urgent brake and other safety devices.
5.Can not use deformed or cracking of the hooks, hook wreath, chain link, as the lifting of the lift with hanging equipment.

(四)Generally electricity operational security rules:
  1.high-voltage work of operations shall be the competent person or approved before they can work.
  2.he laborer should observe the electrical security rules and regulations strictly.
  3.Uncertain whether the circuit has stopped transmission, do not touch any wire circuit.
  4.Test electrical circuits may not have electric power, should use the relevant test of the meter equipment.
  5.Prior to working in the maintenance of electrical lines should be the main switchboard or switch in front of hanging warning
   labels, and as a lock, should be identified after the completion of all the staff really had to leave the line before they can get
  6.Can not electric wire or other metals lines replace fuse.
  7.Work on 220 volts above electric voltages must be approved in advance before the application, and must wear insulated
  8.Is engaged in the electrical work, cannot use the metal ladder.
  9.Electricity equipment is in the operation, if find not normal situation, should namely report supervisor's personnel, but if time
   is urgent, can cut off the power first.
  10.Do not use unknown or the unclear specification the industrial used electrical equipment.
  11.Wire can not hang things, can not pull the fuse by hand.
  12.When the hands are wet, can not flip a switch.
  13.Wire coating, to prevent the siege of the staff a sense of power grid and other equipment subject to damage, shall
    immediately notify the repair of electrical workers, to ensure safety.
  14.can not too much on the cord of electrical appliances to prevent overloaded.
  15.Discovered that the electrical equipment spark situations and so on exudes different smelly, the different sound, give off
    heat, should promptly the dump, and report headwaiter or related supervisor's processing.
  16.Electrical equipment, when wet, immediately stop using, and reports headwaiter or related supervisor's processing
  17.Generator room, transformer room or by the power near , do not pile up any and circuit to have nothing to do with the
    thing or lay aside the bed, the shop, the clothes rack and so on.
  18.For overhaul electrical equipment dump, its switch after cut-off, must hang the signpost.
  19.Cannot enter the high tension line and the transformer and so on danger area.
  20.When the electrical equipment is on fire, can not use water or the bubble Mei fire extinguisher to fight the blaze, should
    use:Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, sand, and woolen blanket...etc..
  21.Non-designated personnel, not start or turn off any electrical equipment.

(五)Elevated Safety Code:
  1.Hypertension, cardiovascular disease, anemia, asthma, limbs missing not entire, color blindness, highly myopia, hearing is not
   normal, balanced malfunction or had suffered from epilepsy, the mental or nervous disease shall not engage in overhead work.
  2.Has the excessive drinking, the mood not good, to have the safe worry, the bodily weakling not to be engaged in the high
  3.Workers engaged in the high structure work operations should be a helmet, safety shoes, without a safety net or when the
   scaffold should wear protective equipment such as seat belts.
  4.Labor aloft the homework forbid to beat barefoot and wear slippers, spiked shoes or hard bottom shoes.
  5.Elevated before the climb, you should erase the shoes the greasy dirt, cement and other slippery thing.
  6.Aloft work, if carrying hand tools , should use tool belt, the in order to prevent fallen off wound person.
  7.In high place work clothing should be tightly tie.
  8.In case of gale, heavy rain, earthquake should stop the work immediately.
  9.When work do not play
  10.The ladder should avoid being placed to exit and entrance, in order to prevent was come in and gone out a personnel to
    knock down.
  11Metals ladder, not dependable near electricity equipment, in order to prevent get an electric shock.

(六)Vehicle mechanical safety rules:
  1.Brakes equipments and so on installment, control panel, exhaust system, transmission device, lighting, hydraulic systems and
   other devices shall be in accordance with the relevant operating manuals, operation of traffic laws.
  2.Should have the foot regarding the vehicles machinery horsepower and the intensity, withstands load capacity of its
   stipulation; And should install the name brand or the equal indication points out the bare weight, the carrying capacity, the
   fixed load capacity and so on.
  3.For the operation of the vehicles, shall comply with the following provisions:
   a.In addition to seats for vehicles at work, at work, do not carry workers.
   b.Should pay attention away from the charged conductor, in order to avoid a sense of power.
   c.The security operations, such as degree and the biggest usage load...etc. stipulate according to manufacturer
   d.Prohibited from parking in a fall in danger of the slope. However, has used other equipment or the measure, does not limit in
   e.Prohibiting parking in the important intersection at night
   f.labor of carrying cargo in the truck carrying the goods by the pallet fork, skid plates and other high stack
   (while seat outside) part. But driving the truck stop, has taken measures to prevent workers falling equipment , does not
   limit in this.
   g.When the leaves its position at the driver, should adopt to place goods fork's etc. in ground, and flameout, brake.
  4.Regarding the vehicles machinery, should in depend on related work conditions in anticipation and so on place geology,
   terrain, stipulated the vehicles travel speed.
  5.The use the forklift and pallet time the , should depend on following stipulated:
   a.Has fully can withstand intensity of goods weight the load.
   b.Have no notable harm, transform or decay.
  6.Regarding load capacity above one metric ton pile high machine, should appoint after the special safety and health education
   and training personnel to operate.
  7.Regarding forklift , should stipulate that its working load do not surpass this machinery to be able withstanding the maximum
   load capacity.
  8.Should have while using a forklift in the place of the dangerous goods existence ,should have the necessity the safety and
   health equipment measure.

(七)Material porterage and warehouse handle safe rules:
   1.Strictly forbid firework inside the warehouse.。
   2.The warehouse planted agent maintains neat, dry, ventilates.
   3.The combustible, explosive substance should be been stored to alone of insulate a warehouse.
   4.The material should safely pile up appropriately, the in order to prevent collapses offends somebody.
   5.The material of piling up get not draw out from the lower part.
   6.For stacked material, to prevent collapse, collapse or fall, take a rope tied the screen, blocking pile, stacking height limit or
    change the necessary measures and the prohibition has nothing to do with the operations officer to enter such places.
   7.Laborer to enter of barrel for time the storage massive material, should depend on following stipulated:
    a.Should determine beforehand and confirm that does not have dangers and so on detonation, poison and oxygen deficit.
    b.Should make the labor worn to hang protections, such as safety belt and safe Suo...etc.
    c.Should send for in the entrance to monitor, prepares sends time the danger rescues.
    dhe stipulation staff take enter by the trough barrel above as the principle.
   8.Transporting of regarding the material, should make the best the machinery to replace the manpower, every 40 kilograms
     abovegoods, take the manpower vehicles or the tool transporting as the principles, 500 kilograms above goods, take motor
     vehicle or other mechanical handlings as suitable; transport routes , should be properly Planning, and for marking.
   9.For acid, alkali and other corrosive substances handling, use specially designed vehicles or tools.
    10.To carry labor in driving of truck, should according to the following rules:
    a.Can not make the labor because of truck of shake to the position of worry sunk into.
    b.Workers shall not exceed the highest part of the body of the top of the height of the cab;of the cargo platform do not
     surpass over the cab at the top may not exceed the height of the material.
    c.Other workers take safety matters.
   11.For being piled material, should according to the following rules:
    a.Can not exceed to pile a ground of biggest security burden.
    b.Can not influence lighting.
    c.Can not hinder the operation of machine equipment.
    d.Can not obstruct transportation or exit and entrance.
    e.Can not reduce automatic sprinkler and the fire alarm alarm unit effective effect.
    f.Do not hinder the fire the urgent use.
    g.To not rely on walls or pillars of stacked structure of the principle. And shall not exceed the safe load.
   12.Delivering the thing can not be used something to throw.
   13.When trundle bucket, do not use the foot to kick, rolls toward the high place, do not stand in underneath, in order to
     avoid being pressed.
   14Try not to twist your body moving objects, do not twist the waist, so as not to sprain.
   15.The transporting material personnel, should wear the safety helmet, the glove and so on civil air defense equipment
   16.When transports the long shape material, should be careful not to touch power lines.
   17While transporting a material should be cleared of all obstructions on the channel.
   18.Packing material the fibre rope up and down before use should examine to break, damage or corrosion.
   19.Sewage treatment plant dehydration engine room sludge cleans up and takes away should after cleaning up and taking
     away clean the sludge and maintain the ground is clean.
   20.Sewage treatment plant dehydration engine room sludge cleans up and takes away should after cleaning up and taking
     away clean the sludge and maintain the ground is clean.

(八)The safe hygiene rules of the anoxia work :
   1.For hypoxia operations approved to implement it.。
   2.This pool body, caisson, gather water well or alike structure and adjustment slot, concentrated slot corner, probably should
    hold four to detect with the air detector before getting into to the anoxia dwelling place.
   3.Before the detection, should have above two people to travel together, and has the respirator spare, and with a radio call
   4.The pool the Prepared at the entrance to the rope, the noose has been completed should be connected.
   5.Gas detection exceeds the limit value for four alert sounds, should by the forced draft, parallel measure again after
    qualified, only then can carry on the work.
   6.Work carry on in the meantime, immediately detect, if exceeded limited should also stop a homework, carry on an urgent
    personnel to evacuate.
   7.Operating managers should regularly perform hypoxic training, given once every six months in principle.
   8.Has oxygen deficit phenomenon, the oxygen deficit work manager should according to the position equipment, the analysis
    take supply factory manager in advance as the guard countermeasure.

(九)The individual protective health and safety rules:
   1.Physical discomfort, security concerns on the job, should in ask for leave.
   2.Supplies the laborer use the civil air defense equipment maintenance or the protective device, should depend on the
    following stipulation to handle:
    a.Work should be preceded by checking whether the personal protective equipment required can be used.
    b.Keep clean, and to the necessary disinfection.
    c.Regular checks to keep its function, and properly to be kept when not in use.
    d.Protective gear or protective APPARATUS should prepare sufficient use quantity, personal use protective with should
     provisioned and operating Workers same or above quantity and personal dedicated principle.
    e.The use filters the type gas mask, should pay attention to the choice to suit this work place to filter the pot, and check
     that has expired
    f.If workers are in danger of infection, should keep a personal use protective equipment or measures for the prevention of
     disease infection.
   3.For workers in the operation or close to the operation of the prime mover, power transmission, motive to roll a device,
    motive of the operating , the labor of the hair or clothes in danger of being caught, they should do with the use of labor
    appropriate clothing and headgear.
   4.Has the thing in the work to fallen off or to scatter, with the result harms laborer's time, should have the safety helmet and
    other protections.
   5.When two meters above high places work highly, if the laborer have crashes the worry, should allow workers do use seat
    belts, helmets and other necessary protective equipment.
   6.For workers to welding, working in welding, fuse and other operations, shall ready safety masks, protective glasses and
    protective gloves, and make workers do wearing . Welding welding employers in the preceding paragraph, arcing fuse
    operations, while distributing a strong non-ionizing radiation that cause harm to the place the risk of workers should be
    properly isolated. But the operational site picks the quarantine measures have the difficulty, does not limit in this.
   7.Workers engaged in electrical work, should make use of electrical safety helmets, insulated protective equipment and other
    necessary protective equipment.
   8.To protect your eyes from flying metal chips, liquid splash, or harmful rays of the injury, should be required to wear
    appropriate safety glasses.
   9.In order to avoid inhaling harmful mist, gas, fume, must wear the appropriate type of respirator.
   10Working on the labor of dust homework should wear to wear dust palliative mouth-muffle.
   11.Workers of the fingers, palm , wrist, arm in contact with harmful substances, heat or prevent cuts, abrasions or prevent
     electric shock, should wear gloves or sleeves.
   12.Workers organize, the use of chemical substances may be liquid splash or injury should wear aprons.
   13.The laborer to prevent the crash disaster, should wear the safety rope.
   14.ker to prevent the foot department the severe wound, the trundle thing to crush, the high fever object to scald, get an
     electric shock or chemical splash to the injury, should the use of appropriate safety shoes.
   15.The laborer in 85 decibel above noise work place work, should use the ear plug or the earmuffs.

(十)Explode fire safe hygiene rules:
   1.Workplace fire safety equipment for the installation, shall be in accordance with Fire Code regulations.
   2.For easy to cause fire and explosion hazard areas, shall be in accordance with the following provisions:
    a.Shall not set the spark, arc, or be a danger of ignition sources with high temperature of machine, apparatus or equipment.
    b.Marked prohibited fireworks and prohibit access to, and stipulated that the laborer do not use the open fire.
   3.The power cut regarding the work to have causes the overpressure,explosion or fire danger of dangers, device of sufficient
    capacity and emergency power supply power generation equipment.
   4.Employer for the following equipment caused by static electricity danger of explosion or fire, shall be taken to ground, the
    use of elimination agent, wetting, the use of ignition sources will not be in danger of elimination of static electricity removal
    devices or other devices:
    a.Perfusion, unloading hazardous materials in the liquid collection tank, tanks, oil drums etc. equipment.
    b.The liquid hazardous materials storage tank, tanks, oil drums and other equipment.
    c.The containing flammable liquid coating, bonding agent of the equipment.
    d.The drying equipment, hazardous materials in the heating and drying may be drying raw materials of other hazardous
     materials and ancillary equipment
    e.Flammable solid powder conveying, screening and other equipment carried.
    f.Other due to static electricity caused an explosion and fire danger of the chemical plant equipment or its subsidiaries.
   5.Engaged in welding, the fuse, the metal heating and other must use when work of the open fire or has work of the spark
    risk,cannot the oxygen for to ventilate or air change.
   6.The workplace of the vapor of flammable liquids, flammable gases or explosive dusts of combustible dust stay outside,
    while an explosion and fire danger, should be taken in accordance with hazardous characteristics ventilation, ventilation,
    dust and other measures, and in accordance with the following Provisions:
    a.Assigns the specialist regarding the fore-mentioned vapor, the gas density, before the work in measurements.
    b.When the vapor or the gas density of reach 30% of above detonation lower limiting value, should instantly be laborer to
     withdraw to the place of safety, and stops the use smoke and fire and other machines and tools of for the ignition source
     risk, and should strengthen ventilates.
   7.Pipeline transport corrosive substances, the name of the substance should be labeled, transmission direction and valve
     opening and closing state.
   8.Melting heat for the building material of the processing equipment, in order to avoid causing water steam explosion, that
    building should has floor to face not to accumulate water and cans prevent rain water from by the structure of infiltrations,
    such as roof, wall and window...etc..
   9.Engaged in manufacturing or disposal of hazardous materials operations, should designate a person to take the following
    a.The manufacture or the handling danger the equipment and the appurtenance, have exceptionally when should promptly
     take the unnecessary measure.
    b.Has the manufacture or the handling danger place of the equipment and in the appurtenance, when its temperature, the
     humidity, the shading and ventilation conditions condition have exceptionally, it shall take the necessary measures.
   10.Metal welding, fusing or heating operations such as the need to use flammable gas and oxygen containers shall be in
     accordance with the following provisions:
    a.Containers shall not be set up, use, storage or placed in the following places:
     (1).Ventilation or inadequate air change of the premises.
     (2).Place on the use of pyrotechnics in the workplace.
     (3).Gunpowder manufacture or disposal of class, explosive substances, fire large quantities of flammable substances or
       substances at or near the place.
    b.Keep container tightly temperature in the following forty degrees Celsius.
    c.Containers should be placed upright and secure, to prevent dumping of and can not bump.
    d.When container used, should handle stay on the container to prepare for an emergency cut off gas supply.
    eTransport containers should be properly protecting cover.
    g.Should be gently opening and closing the container valve.
    h.Use should be clearly separated and non-use of containers.
    i.Vessels, valves and piping not contact welding, circuit, power supply, the fire source.
    j.Handling containers, should be prohibited or impact roll on the ground.
    k.Unloads the vessel when from the vehicle on, should have prevents of the impact.
    l.Remove the valve from the container before the regulator, the valve should be closed container, and release the gas
     regulator and the operator should avoid the container valve outlet.
   11.For heterogeneous materials in contact with explosion, fire, in danger to have a separate store, handling the operation
     should be moved using a dedicated machine. But after taken to prevent access to the facility is exempted.
   12.The employer regarding the chemical equipment or its tubing, to prevent leakage of hazardous materials or operating
     errors cause an explosion, fire risk, the following provisions shall apply:
     a.Chemical equipment or piping the cover, valves, cocks, joints and other parts, washers, etc. should be used to make the
      joint of Tightlock.
     b.The operation chemical equipment or its tubing valve, cocks, the controlling switch, the button and so on, should
      maintain the good performance, indicates its switch direction, when the necessity and by the color, the shape and so on
      marks its running condition.
     c.In order to prevent for the material to be wrong, creates the danger, should easy see the position in the laborer to indicate
     its raw material, the material, the type, to supply the material object and other essential items.
   13.For chemistry equipment and it the improvement of subsidiary equipment, fix, clean up, dismantle to unload an etc.
     homework, should specify specially assigned, carry out according to following rules:
     a.Decide homework method and sequence, and in advance tell concerning the homework labor.
     b.For the prevent danger, harmful, the high temperature steam and other chemical substance divulging send the harm work
      laborer, should or establishes the valve either dual closure the control panel.
     c.The preceding paragraph shall be the valves, cocks etc., locked, sealed or removed from the handle so that it can not be
     tampered with; causes it to be unable to do without authorization to move; And should be equipped with does not
     permit indication or the establishment the opening monitors the personnel to monitor..
     d.Demolishes when the second section of blind board has causes the danger and so on or the high temperature steam
     transgression risk, should first confirm whether there is the blind board with its most is close approach between the
     valve or the cock the second section of material remains, and takes the unnecessary measure.

(十一)Toxic liquids and gases hazard prevention safety rules:
    1.Has regarding the laborer exposes in the high temperature, the low temperature, the non-dissociation radiation, the
     biological pathogen, the noxious gas, the vapor, the dust or other harmful risk, should set prepares the safety and health
     protection to have, like the safety face shield, the respirator, the gas mask, the snow glasses, the protective suit and so
     on suitable against equipment maintenance, and makes labor really usage.
    2.The material used to the labor in the homework, hurt a skin, infection because of contact or permeate absorption and
     occurrence through the skin poisoned the worry of etc., should place haven't the dress, protection gloves, protection
     Xue, and protection shoes...etc. appropriate protection of the permeability protection, or provide a necessity it draws to
     spread to use a protection cream, and makes a labor usage.
    3.For workers in the transport of corrosive substances, corrosive substances in order to prevent splashing, leakage or
     overflow that cause harm to workers, so workers should use appropriate protective equipment.
    4.For hazardous gas, vapor, dust and other workplaces, the following provisions shall apply:
     a.When the operational site has the noxious gas, the vapor, the dust, should regard its nature, adopts the sealed unit, the
      partial air exhaust device, the whole vent or inducts the fresh air by other methods and so on adequate measures,
      causes it not to surpass in the laborer job environment air stipulation of the harmful admissable concentration
      standard.When the laborer has the toxicant risk, should the cease operation and takes the emergency measures.
     b.Workers exposed to hazardous gas, vapor, dust and other work of time, its concentration in the air when more than
      eight hours on average allowable concentration, short-term average allowable concentration or when the maximum
      allowable concentration, should improve its practices, shorter working hours or Take other protective measures.
     c.The harmful thing works place, should according to the organic melting agent, lead, four alkyls leads, dust particular
      chemistry material etc. the harmful thing endanger to prevent laws of rules, make it effectively revolve.
    5.To prevent the gas containing harmful substances, waste, residue and other hazardous waste workers should take the
     necessary protective measures, discharge for disposal.
    6.hould mark clearly, and forbid not related personnel to get into the following work dwelling place:
     a.Disposal of massive objects or significant heat hot and humid places.
     b.Handles the massive low temperature object or the remarkable cold place.
     c.The intense microwave, shoots the frequency wave or the laser and so on place of the non ionizing radiation.
     d.Oxygen concentration less than eighteen percent of the place.
     e.Harmful surpasses thing of the admissable concentration.
     f.Disposing of particular harmful thing place.
     g.Biological pathogens places of significant pollution.
     h.Provisions of the preceding prohibition to enter, for emergency and use of effective protection of the persons
      concerned shall not apply.

(十二)Bury the area side slope well dike, embankment, rain, rain sewage intercepting system safety code:
    1.Work should wear a helmet, wear safety shoes.
    2.Carry a flashlight at night.
    3.Not to smoke, throw cigarette butts.
    4.At night should two people patrol together.。
    5.Carry suitable personal safety equipment, such as rope, walking stick, hoes, etc.

(十三)when Garbage truck to the landfill dumping of safety rules:
    1.Needs the specialist to command guidance in work.。
    2.Driver operation of the vehicle tail raised, attendant note dumping trends, inform or notify in gesture operations drivers
     at any time, unless there are accidents in the operation for emergency parking outside, others not hair signal.
    3.Do not smoke, do not throw cigarette butts, to prevent the ignition of methane caused the fire.
    4.Pavement and dumped Office SAG should be filled immediately avoids the personnel the vehicles falling down.

(十四)Generator room and seepage water sewage treatment plant sludge storage tanks and other security codes:
     1.This area whole area bans smoking, forbids fire.
     2.For the maintenance of fire, according to regulations shall be approved and assigned by the Director of nuclear as shown
     in staff supervision.
     3.Must wear a footware work, and forbid nail in the shoe sole with nails.
     4.When you replace the lubricant, should prevent the leakage, if leaking sawdust or sand clearing, if use fire fight sand
      should to add.
     5.Before starting, you should review the automatic gas detectors determined to be within the scope of security values, if
     necessary, with four gas detector than the right, double check.
     6.When overhaul, should the supply of fuel tube decompression, against fire.

(十五)Water seepage Sewage treatment plant checkout room safety regulation:
     1.The particular chemistry material in the usage has the three of the heavy chrome sour potassium, sulfuric acid mercury
      and sulfuric acid .The nitric acid, sulfuric acid of the D material.(Only use for experiment)
     2.Into the laboratory, prohibit the noisy hubbub.
     3.Non-essential or without allows the personnel not to enter the laboratory.
     4.Prohibit or smokes in the laboratory eating, cannot use any household utensils do food vessel.
     5.Prohibit any drinks, food placed in water or chemical storage refrigerator.
     6.Guarantees the laboratory to be neat, and sort management related drugs and appliance.
     7.Experimental work should be dressed in protective gear.
     8.Carries on when strong drugs and so on heat or strong acid, strong alkali mix, should match the belt protective mask.
     9.When the operation of hot liquid, extremely cold object, or when dealing with the skin stimulation of liquid, solid, should
      wear protective gloves.
     10.Check the laboratory air-conditioning and ventilation systems, enabling the normal operation of the heating of organic
      matter should be carried out in the fume cupboard.
     11.In case of leaking of chemicals should wear gloves using a dry cloth to wipe and prohibited use the water processing.
     12.O2、H2、C2H2 gas must fixed time by the soap bubble determine whether to leak air for essential guarding against
     13Heating system of power,when not in use should be removal of power.
     14.Will leave the operating post to test the personnel to use the drugs and the equipment turns over to the localization and
     will test the clothes to replace, and will wash the hands thoroughly.
     15.The final check water, the electricity, the gate, complete the switch.

The sixth chapter education and training

Article 15th according to regulations should be imposed separately on the following personnel engaged in work which are necessary
for safety and health education training and prevention of disaster:
      1.Labor safe health personnel.
      2.Safe hygiene related homework supervisor.
      3.Risky machinery, equipment operators.
      4.Special operating personnel.
      5.General homework personnel.
      6.By the central competent authority designated personnel.

Paragraph 5 refers to the general workers for the new hires or job changes a worker health and safety at work training.

Article XVI: in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph has been set as the training of qualified personnel:
      1.Lifting load fixed at five tonnes crane operator.
      2.Using a crane hanging operations personnel.
      3.Hypoxia operations supervisor.)
      4.Particular homework of the chemistry material supervisor.
      5.Fire administrator.
      6.First-aid personnels.

Article 17:The clause above related training is to entrust that the legality establishes to train organization training.

Chapter 7:First aid and salvage

The 18th article: Schedules the urgent contingency plan, arranges the organization system, the work wields, arranges the contact

The 19th article: Establishment urgent accident strain processing group, plan implementation walkthrough.

Chapter VIII: Supplementary Provisions

The 20th article: When above rules not completely matters concerned depends on the related law to stipulate that handles and

The 21st article: This rules newspaper after inspection organization reference, when announcement implementation revision also with.