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Hazardous factors inform

The Taina County government environmental protection bureau stable ash dregs buries the field harm factor
to inform

This is the ash dregs buries the operation area main facility to have the ash dregs to bury the area, leakage of
water treatment plants and car wash. According to the provisions of the occupational safety and health law 17th,
entry of all unit personnel should be aware of the following:

1、In the field the no smoking, cautious against has the fire.
2、The side slope danger, forbids the mechanical wheel and the personnel close to, beware of falling risk.
3、Get into car speed limit 30 kilometers of following and close a vehicle stereo set, the down slope road segment should decelerate
   to slowly go ,and out of platform balances speed should not exceed 5 km.
4、In the repair, maintenance, adjustment power to turn the belt, fan, shallow moving device, the operation should be stopped
   before, beware of the involvement of causing an accident; personnel should avoid close to the rotation, transmission, conveyor
   belts and other rotating equipment, avoid getting involved in Hazards.
5、For welding, welding and other operations, should wear the goggles, cautious against has the eye injury.
6、When mowing, should wear protective gear, beware of cutting into the eye to prevent collision body blades hit a stone, causing
   bodily harm.
7、Workers at the surface of the landfill operation, should wear safety shoes, beware of piercing damage.
8、Electrical jobs, beware of electrical hazards occur, prior to cut off the power before the job, refuses the live line work.
9、When operation generator set, cautious against has the electrification harm, after must beforehand the dump, only then work.
10、Climbing operations should wear protective gear helmets, safe Suo square can homework.
11、Cut to flow ditch, easily the occurrence sink into, fallen off etc. dangerous and forbid a non- homework the personnel close to,
    the homework personnel must even notice a security.
12、When operating heavy machinery, and forbids any person, vehicle access to the operating radius, beware of collision
13、Prohibited persons climbing to the vehicles, heavy machinery, the prevention of falls of the accidents.
14、When heavy machinery, vehicles driving in back-draft, rear area must pay attention whether whether there is the personnel,
    the vehicles, the machinery and so on, cautious against do have the collision accident.
15、The heavy machinery, vehicles driving refuses after to burying the operation area (risk area) to carry on refuels the work and
    should stop the machines and tools vehicles only then carries on refuels, cautious against has the fire, the detonation.
16、Carries on when hangs the work, and forbids any personnel to enter hangs in the work radius, cautious against has the falling
17、The landfill surface area required to follow the command of the responsible person in the workplace.
18、Transport vehicle access should be car wash washing tires.