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A word from the District Chief

 Sinhua district covers an area of 62.0579 square kilometers with mountains and plains each half. The main industrial structure is agriculture and the second is business. The geographical location of Sinhua in Tainan is at the linkage between city and mountain. Besides, sinhua district does not have industrial zone with abundant nature resources in mountain, historical place gathering talented people and culture, good public transport. It is suitable to promote cultural tourism industry so as to develop high quality residential area. From very beginning, Sinhua has been the most important entrance from downtown to mountain. In order to cooperate with Tainan city government by the name of historical and cultural capital of Taiwan to promote to a special municipality, Sinhua plays an important role in the cultural tourism industry of Tainan in the future.
Sinhua district office will form an efficient team to provide rapid and convenient service with great ambition to serve people well completely. Besides, we sincerely hope citizens can take advantage of director’s mailbox or facebook to leave messages and suggestions if there are deficiencies we must do our best to improve it. If citizens recognize our diligence, we hope citizens can give us great applause.

Best wishes to you
                                                                                               Sinhua district office director WU, Chin-hsi