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Environmental Protection AdministrationEnvironmental Policy Monthly, June 20202020-07-10
Environmental Protection AdministrationEnvironmental Policy Monthly, May 20202020-06-10
Environmental Protection AdministrationEnvironmental Policy Monthly, April 20202020-05-11
Environmental Protection AdministrationEnvironmental Policy Monthly, March 20202020-04-10
Environmental Protection AdministrationEnvironmental Policy Monthly, February 20202020-03-10
Environmental Protection AdministrationEnvironmental Policy Monthly, January 20202020-02-10
Environmental Protection AdministrationRevisions to Enterprise Classification and Definition of the Water Pollution Control Act2020-01-17
Environmental Protection AdministrationSustainable Resource Utilization via Circular Economy2019-12-26
Environmental Protection AdministrationInternational Conference on a Sustainable Taiwan Held on World Environment Day2019-11-30
Environmental Protection AdministrationFoundation Set for a Low-carbon Homeland, Communities Take Action2019-10-28
Environmental Protection AdministrationAnnouncing Results of Environmental Agents Inspections, “Agents” from Unlicensed Online Auctions Prohibited2019-10-01
Department of Information & International RelationsMayor Huang Wei-che and AIT Chairman James Moriarty Visit Taiwan Relations Act 40th Anniversary Special Exhibition in Tainan2019-06-01
Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)Second Preannouncement of Revisions to the Effluent Standards Strengthens Controls on Dioxin Emissions2019-05-10
Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)Penalties Intensified for Water Pollution Control Act Violations2019-04-26
Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)Stricter Controls for Groundwater Injection List 61 Harmful Substances as Undetectable2019-04-17
Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)The EPA calls on people to cherish their food to avoid the production of large quantities of kitchen2019-03-21
Department of Information & International RelationsUAV Aerial Photography and AI: Setting a Brand New Milestone for Taiwan's Smart City Development2019-03-06
Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)Recycling Fund 20th Anniversary Exhibition Reflects New Values2019-02-21
Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)Installation of GPS Devices for Waste Clearance Vehicles to be Completed by 20222019-02-19
Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)Criminal Code Amended to Deter Environmental Crimes2019-02-15
Industrial Waste Management Section Environmental Watchdogs Crackdown on Sinhua Earthwork Plant Following Fire Caused by Plastic Waste2019-02-14
Soil Pollution Management Section Tainan City’s Soil and Groundwater Remediation Programs Earned Special Distinctions for Two Years Straight2019-02-14
Soil Pollution Management SectionAn idle farmland was buried in the waste and the cleanup would cost NT$40 million within a set date for violating the Waste Disposal Act2019-02-12
Soil Pollution Management Section Mayor Lai urged China Petrochemical Development Corporation to stay accountable and effectual in its soil contamination remediation work at the 11th meeting2019-02-08
Comprehensive Planning SectionTainan City Rated as Excellent in Environmental Protection Performance Assessment2019-02-07
Environmental Cleanness Management SectionTo Put An End to Dengue Fever, Let’s All Become Larvae-minators!2019-02-05
Tainan Low Carbon City Tainan aims for circular economy leadership2019-02-04
Tainan Low Carbon City Tainan City Government Secretary General Men-Yen Li Invited to Talk about Dengue Fever Prevention and Control at Resilient Cities 2017 Forum in Germany2019-02-01
Tainan Low Carbon City Tainan City Government Delegation attends International Conference on Climate Change Also visited Member of German Bundestag, Bremen State Parliament member and wpd renewable energy company2019-02-01
Soil Pollution Management Section Project Meeting 13 for CPDC.CPDC asked to expedite site remediation of soil pollution2019-02-01