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PH meter operating and maintenance instructions

I、operating instructions:
1.will switch to open, press on/off.
2.further correction function. (Please refer to the calibration instructions)
3.wash the electrodes with distilled water, then water wipe dry, you can put electrodes in the water.
4.its measured value, electrode, and operation method of repeated 1.3, you can measure other water samples.

II、Second, the maintenance instructions:
1.after each boot, will re-correction.
2.electrode electrodes liquid, such as the loss is too much (over half), then must supplement again.
3.after use, it is important to place the electrode solution electrode, in order to avoid caused the electrode damage.

III、Three eyes microscopes attach to take a picture to equip an operation
(A)operating instructions
1.Loading the checked into the glass slides and cover glass in Working stage,about around regulates under the photo source,
onto 4X lens lens, adjusting device, rough to clear, then fine tune then. Dimmer go open 1 → 2 → 3 figures are larger,
    greater brightness, by Visual feel soft and clear operations. Aperture adjustment, will also help to light and brightness,
    by low-4X → 10X → 40X → 100X order conversion, convert multiple at a time, just a fine-tuning can be.
2.when using photographic equipment, first remove the eyepiece, then above the sleeve mounted to microscope, locking
    screws on the right side, installed according to the gate line, adjust the brightness, you can use.

(B)Second, the maintenance instructions
1.Microscope optical system shall be placed in a well-ventilated, dry premises, to avoid moist to extend its life.

Electronic analytical balance operating and maintenance instructions
I、operating instructions
1.Gently press the key to open, the libra will automatically check the internal electronic circuits, and auto-zero
2.place container on the scales, so "g" appears, which indicates the weight of the container.
3.press the zero key, deducting the weight of the container.
4.placing a sample in the container, such as "g" after the, you can read samples of weight.
5.Remove the items, then open the key, you can close the libra

II、Second, the maintenance instructions:
1.libra shall be placed in the stable, with no wind, no vibration platform
2.avoid direct sunlight, or next to a heat source.
3.Momentarily maintains the horizontal position (may rotate horizontal regulating wheel, enables horizontal centering of
    bubble to achieve horizontal position).
4.After first time joins the power source, must warm machine 30 minutes, only then uses.
5.Scales when not in use, also do not unplug the power cord.
6.The steelyard not and hand the impact of foreign objects by touch, and samples to be handled with care

Constant temperature incubator operating and maintenance instructions
I、operating instructions
  1.Will switch button (Power switch) as "ON" of location up ("HIGH" or "LOW" are can), at this time, temperature of will
    display cycle fan will started; (when operation temperature between-20 ℃ ~ at room temperature + 10 ℃ range Shi, will
    switch button placed "LOW" of location , other temperature range outside, is will switch button placed "HIGH" of location.

  2.If the operation temperature is below 10 ° c, set the defrost button (DEFROST SWITCH) at the "ON" position, at this point,
    this machine will defrost two times a day (every 12 hours), to avoid freezing of coils from freezing, defrosting Niu Ruo in
  "0FF" position, no defrosting function.

  3.operation temperature of set method
3.1 Press the "INDEX" key, makes below display appears "SP1" words.
3.2 Press the "INCREMENT" or "DECREMENT" key, makes set of operation temperature appears Yu above display within,
then press the "ENTER" key "SP2" type control this machine operation temperature and set temperature then difference
      3 ℃ down, automatically cut off power of security entered, this value has original set, dont do any change .

II、Second, the maintenance instructions
the use of the voltage must be adequate, or easily damaged compressor, if the voltage is low, retro-fitting of regulators; if mobile
location, shall be used aside half a day before the official start;If you temporarily turn off the power when required to wait five
minutes after the start.

Vacuum filtering machine operating and maintenance instructions
I、operating instructions
1.Check the oil bottle of oil, not to exceed the red line level, can not do without oil.
2.Turn on the power line of the switch, then started pumping.
3.the size of the vacuum can be read out by the vacuum table, knob adjustment of oil below the table.

II、the maintenance instructions
1.At any time the attention oil is inside the bottle whether have lubricant and oil to face whether is too low,if too low, then
    must add lubricant.( oil face dont too high, and make oil pump inhalation)
2.Bottle of liquid below the exhaust port of 2 / 3, must pour out it and prevent the liquid reflux pump damage caused, if
    they are inhaled pump, the pump should be opened immediately dried before use.
3.Solvent cleaning blades, the back-end disc in shape diameters and pump after use, must be slightly dry and lubricated.
4Do not put a explosive liquids or vapors used in conjunction with the pump to prevent the risk of explosion.

Determination of dissolved oxygen meter operating and maintenance instructions
I、operating instructions
1.Turn the knob to" O 2- TEMP" position,at this time the screen appears the the self test
2.After waiting the screen to appear dissolves the oxygen reads the value, carries on dissolves adjustment of the oxygen
    concentration, the updating procedure reference『the measuring instrument adjusts the work instruction book』。
3.will mount in the BOD bottles water samples, inserted electrodes, pay attention to non-residual bubbles in the bottle.
4.open the mixer to electrode switch, start determination of dissolved oxygen.
5.after numerical stability of the screen, read the measured dissolved oxygen values.

II、the maintenance instructions:
1.1After each use, to distilled water cleaning electrode, placed one inch of water inside of BOD bottles, to maintain the humidity.
2.replace the electrode film
2.1 When the electrode membrane is damaged or unstable readings, to be replaced electrode membrane.
2.2 Unscrew the electrode membrane, rinse electrode with distilled water.
2.3 The electrode film filling up the electrolyte to surface of the new cylindrical ball, pay attention not to residual air bubbles.
2.4 Pack into an electrode film electrode with the perpendicular direction and tighten.
2.5 Change an electrode film each time, to be re-calibrated.

Distilled water manufacture of operating and maintenance instructions
I、operating instructions
1. After you turn on the tap, press the control of water and power supply button (White Switch "on/off"), this button is lit,
it means that the start heating.
2. retort 2-3 minutes after power on, it will boil, resulting in distilled water.
3. When the storage barrel, the water level reaches the setting surface when the water level control (Reservior Control) will
    work, the yellow lights (Amber light) is lit, the power to immediately cut off the distillation flask.
4. The operation finished, then pressed down " Clean" The switch, causes the indicating lamp to shine, until distilling flask
    periphery not up to froth. Switches off the water source first, then closes the power source.

II、the maintenance instructions
1.Press "Clean" switch, it lights lit, observe whether there is boiling distillation flask, wait until the cooling water temperature
    room etc..
2.Presses down " ON/OFF" The switch, causes its indicating lamp extinguishment, opens the blue color to stop nearby the water
    valve, the water level lowers until the distilling flask in 1/2; Then closes it.
3.In place funnel the top carefully pour the citric acid 100 mls(its density sees water dirt degree of thickness adjustment
    adequacy quantity
4.Make citric acid and water dirt been distillation to produce chemical reaction inside the bottle, until the sediments falls off .
5.Opens stops the water valve to let in the distilling flask the sewage flow out.
6.off the water valve by the "ON/OFF" switches make the distillation flask filled with water again, and then press the "on/off"
    switch, the light is off.
7.open valve again make sewage outflows in the distillation flask, repeat steps of 2.5, 2.6 and up until the retort clean.