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Houbi District is located on the northernmost edge of Tainan City, in the north-central part of the Jianan Plain, and 2 kilometers south of the Bazhang River. It is a long narrow alluvial plain formed by the Bazhang and Jishui Rivers.
The terrain is higher in the northeast and it slopes westward, with most of the region within the Jianan Plain.
Separated by the Bazhang River to the west and north, Houbi District is bordered by Shuishang Township and Lucao Township of Chiayi County. Houbi District also meets Baihe District to the east, Dongshan District to the southeast and Xinying District to the west, and it covers an area of 72.2189 square kilometers.
Houbi District has become the Jianan Plain’s breadbasket, due to its abundance of water resources and heavy cultivation of paddy rice. The area of cultivation covers more than 3,500 hectares and is ranked number one in the country.