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Introducing Sinhua

Sinhua District in Tainan City was once called Davocan and was a part of the Singangshe Siraya settlement of the Pingpu People. Gazettes in the past describing the region also referred to it as Damujiang. During the reign of Prince Jheng Cheng-gong of the Ming Dynasty, Sin-hua District was part of the Ganhua and Guangchu villages. When Taiwan came under Qing rule, Ganhua village was renamed as Tavocan Village (Jhuang). In the 12th year of the Jia-Cing Dynasty (1807), Xie Jin-luan, the composer of Su-jiu Taiwan Sian Zhi (A continuation of a gazette of Taiwan County), recorded in the section of Jie-li (streets and villages) of the first book on local geography: "The northeast of the region was known as Guangchu East Village (40 li, or 20 km from the city), Guangchu West Village (30 li, or 15 km from the city), and Tavocan Jhuang (35 li, or 17.5 km from the city, with a street that was known as Tavocan Jie)." The record revealed that Davocan, in the early 19th century, was already a developed street known for its prosperity and quickly became the center of regional development. In the 41st Year of Emperor Mei-ji (1909) during the Japanese occupation, the Japanese es-tablished the area known as Davocan Shicho, and placed the area under the jurisdiction of Tainan Ting. In the 9th Year of Emperor Tai-sho (1920), the Japanese reformed local Taiwanese administration to create a system of Shuken (prefectures and counties). Sinhua Village, Ganhua Village (or Davocan Village during the Cing Dynasty), Shanhua Village, and Guangchu Village from the times of Prince Jheng of the Ming Dynasty, were grouped together to form Sinhua Ken (county). Given that Davocan Jhuang was lo-cated within the jurisdiction of the new county, it was thus renamed as Sinhua Jie (Sinhua Street). The entire area was governed by Tainan Jhou (Tainan prefecture). When the Second World War ended, the region was renamed as Sinhua County. The county and city governments were merged during the administrative reforms of 25 December, 2010 to form Sinhua District.