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Yonghua Municipal Center Address: No. 6, Section 2, Yonghua Road, Anping District, 708201 How to reach Yonghua Municipal Center

▲Bus: No. 0, No. 6, No. 10, No. 14, take the train station (South Station) and get off at Yonghua Municipal Center (Fuqian Road).

▲High-speed rail: Take the high-speed rail feeder (city government line) and get off at Yonghua Municipal Center (Fuqian Road) (from 7:00 am to 11:55 pm, every 20-30 minutes).

▲By car: Go down to Rende Interchange, take Zhongshan Road to Dongmen Road, cross Dongmen Circle, then Fuqian Road, go straight to the parking lot behind the city hall. 


Minzhi Municipal Center Address: No. 36, Minzhi Road, Xinying District, 730201 How to reach Minzhi Municipal Center

▲Train: Get off at Xinying Railway Station

Walking (about 20 minutes)-Along Sanmin Road, turn right to Zhongzheng Road, and turn left to Minzhi Road for about 100 meters.

Take a taxi (about 5 minutes).

Take the Tainan Bus-Zongjiang Bus (to the opposite Xinying Passenger Terminal) and get off at the Minzhi Municipal Center (Minzhi Road).

▲High Speed Rail: Get off at Chiayi Taibao Station

Take a taxi (about 30 minutes).

Take the Tainan Bus-Huang No. 9 bus to the Minzhi Municipal Center.


Route 1: Get off at Xinying Interchange, go straight to Fuxing Road, turn left after meeting Minzhi Road for about 1.7 kilometers.

Route 2: Get off the Xinying Interchange and turn left on Changrong Road, turn right after Jiankang Road, turn left at the bottom of Jiankang Road and then turn left at Minzhi Road for about 300 meters.