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Website copyright statement opinions

1. All content published on the website of the Tainan City Government Department of Political Affairs shall not be the subject of copyright except those stipulated by the Copyright Law (such as laws, orders, speeches prepared by civil servants, press releases, etc.-please refer to Article 9 of the Copyright Law) In addition, other information including text narratives, photography, pictures, audio recordings, images and other information are protected by copyright law.

2. Anyone who may not be the subject of copyright can use it freely, and all circles are welcome to use it.

3. If the content of this website is protected by the copyright law, unless there is a reasonable use situation, it should obtain the consent or authorization of the copyright owner before using it.

4. Except for the non-removal or change of rights management electronic information in accordance with Article 80 of the Copyright Law, the work cannot be used legally; or because the recording or transmission system must be removed or changed technically when the recording or transmission system is converted. , The rights management electronic information marked on this website cannot be removed or changed without permission.