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Creating an open and transparent purchasing and compliance environment, the “Contract Compliance Project Forum” makes Tainan a happier place

       To continue promoting a high-quality and friendly purchasing and compliance environment, and provide citizens with comprehensive municipal construction, on October 29, Tainan City Government and Tainan District Prosecutors Office co-organized the “Contract Compliance Project Forum,” working together to help successful bidders avoid improper pressure and intervention and maintain the quality of public works. Tainan City Mayor Huang Wei-che stated that, through an open and transparent purchasing environment, the government can facilitate the interaction between procurement agencies and manufacturers to improve purchasing efficiency and quality. He hoped that by cooperating with high-quality manufacturers to continue developing the public infrastructure, the government can start and complete major constructions smoothly, making Tainan a better and happier city.

       Mayor Huang Wei-che emphasized that the city government has many public works under development or construction, including the forward-looking plan, the annual budget proposal and the superior government subsidy case. The city government will most certainly uphold the principles of fairness and openness for all procurement procedures, and will not allow anything to go wrong due to the lack of a comprehensive plan. With an open and transparent purchasing and compliance environment as the cornerstone of public construction, along with professional construction quality provided by manufacturers, the government can ensure the quality and efficiency of municipal construction. Therefore, if any purchasing and compliance process is subject to improper pressure and intervention, please report to the city government or the district prosecutors office to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

       The Civil Service Ethics Office stated that, being honest, pragmatic and listening attentively, the city government has worked with Tainan District Prosecutors Office to help manufacturers avoid improper interference, or has adopted more streamlined and convenient compliance processes to ensure that all tender and procurement processes can be conducted in an honest, fair, open and transparent manner. In addition, in order to prevent agencies and manufacturers from accidentally breaking the law in the purchasing and compliance process, Prosecutor Tsai Ming-da of Tainan District Prosecutors Office was invited to give a special lecture on “Business Integrity and the Concept of the Rule of Law.” From a professional legal point of view, he explained the importance of “integrity and responsibility” in the compliance process, and recommended preventive and precautionary measures in practice through case studies, emphasizing that public works is of great relevance to the life, body and property safety of the citizens, thus fully implementing the concept of business integrity.