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Xiaying District is mainly composed of fertile alluvial flats deposits that are extremely conducive to agriculture. The entire district has over 2200 hectares of farmland. The farmers mainly grow rice paddy and corn, and raise animals such as pigs, dairy cattle, goats, chickens, ducks, and geese. Most fisheries rear wuguo fish (Taiwanese tilapia). Special produce from Xiaying District include tea-smoked goose and silk blankets, both of which are renowned throughout the country.

Mother goose: The first thing that comes to mind when people mention Xiaying would be its delicious and tantalizing tea-smoked goose that leave you wanting more. There are over 40 goose farmers in Xiaying District who raise about 100,000 geese in total. Xiaying's goose farming is considered quite significant in the overall economy of Tainan county.

Cow milk: There are over 1000 dairy cows in the area that produce about 3208 tons of milk annually, making this district an important source of wholesome and energizing fresh milk for the entire country.

Piglets: Xiaying District is home to a well-established pig rearing industry and has so far provided 70,000 pigs for the meat market.

Goats: Xiaying rears over 900 goats for mutton and 300 dairy goats that produce up to 164 tons of milk every year. Goat milk is a fortifying drink that can be consumed regularly to improve one’s health.

Recreational Farming Areas:

Xiaying District has established several new recreational farms that are mainly supported by agricultural production supplemented by recreational services. After receiving counseling from the Council of Agriculture, the District has constructed various public amenities such as scenic paths, parks, gazebos, and car parks for visitors, exhibiting the diverse sights of rustic farmlands. These recreational farms include mulberry farms, water chestnut ecology and educational farms, strawberry farms, tomato farms, sunflower farms, dragon fruit orchards, orange orchards, hamlet ranches, and seedling patches.