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Tours at Xiaying

 1. Produce and Cultural Museum: Xiaying Produce and Cultural Museum introduces the specialty produce of the region which include silkworms, mulberries, geese, and black beans as well as exhibits historical artifacts and events of Xiaying. Visitors can enjoy a relaxing tour while personally experiencing the unique rustic atmosphere of the area.

• 2. Syunmi Mulberry Gardens: DIY Mulberry Notepads , DIY herbal fragrance biscuit , harvesting of mulberries and tomatoes, and other forms of related entertainment.

• 3. Xiaying Shangdi Temple: Shangdi Temple has over 3 centuries of history and has received numerous devotees. The full title of the temple is Xiaying Beijidian Syuantian Shangdi Miao (Xiaying's North Pole Temple for the Emperor of the Mysterious Heavens). The current temple in its grandeur was built between 1980 and 1998, and is often referred to as the Grand Temple by the locals. The Tour of Gods held every year from the 1st to the 5th Days of the 3rd Month on the lunar calendar is received by massive crowds.

• 4. Wu Cheng-en's Park: This park is attached to the Shangdi Temple, and includes a pond named Panyue Chih (Watery Moon Pond). Xiaying locals, however, called it Pukuzai. The pond is home to over 1300 local turtles. Plans have been made to reconstruct this area as Taiwan's first ecological park dedicated to turtles.

• 5. Bo yi Recreational Farm: The farm includes silkworm sheds, BBQ areas, kongyao (mud ovens), herbal gardens, and fruit harvesting orchards.

• 6. Master Yan Shuei-long's Memorial Park: Master Yan Shuei-long was born in Hongcuo Village in SXiaying and is recognized worldwide as a leading artist of his time. Master Yan had been dedicated to Taiwanese art and craft with particular focus on oil painting. He also started the first mosaic frescoes in Taiwan, with thea giant 100-meter long mosaic artwork entitled "From a Farming Community to an Industrial Society at Jiantan Park" being one of his signature artworks. Master Yan was passionate about his homeland and his country, having createding many Taiwan-themed artworks while instructing many promising students. His efforts have made public art an integral part of our cultured society.

• 7. Dongfang Ranch: Before Dongfang Ranch was formally established in 1988, the goat ranch originally reared over 200 goats (and up to 300 goats during the most productive periodsat its height), generating up to 200 kg of goat milk on a daily basis. The rRanch is well shaded with verdant fields for horses and herds of dairy goats at the eco-viewing areas, offering a sight and atmosphere not unlike that of a European pasture. The rRanch has also established goat milk processing equipments to produce fresh goat milk that can be savored on site for the best flavors.

• 8. Youwuwei Park: Youwuwei was a tuntian (military farming settlement) established by Jheng Cheng-gong during the reign of Emperor Yongli of the Ming Dynasty. In addition to being an  ancient military township, Youwuwei was the "Confluence of Three Rivers". Traces of the old settlement had already disappeared but to commemorate their ancestors, people have erected a statue of Jheng Cheng-gong and a memorial stele for the Youwuwei Garrison.

• 9. Goose Cuisine: If you're at Xiaying, don't forget to visit the Xiaying Goose Street and try out the fabulous goose feast! (Source: Farmer's Association of Xiaying District, Tainan City.) 

• 10. A Ying's Winnie the Pooh and Friends Village: The once bland and undecorated walls, alleys, and streets underwent an unimaginable transformation when Winnie and his fellow bears arrived. This village is now packed with out-of-town visitors during weekends who come to appreciate these lovable wall paintings. The elderly folks living in this village would even volunteer passionately to act as tour guides. (Source: Haician Ying Cultural and Art Foundation)