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Introduction to the Lotus Blossom Gardens:

Lotus Blossom Pagoda is designed with the lotus flower in mind. The building has wholly white facade to signify purity of the mortal world. The original appearance of the lotus blossom and surrounding green grass create a paradise-like environment, making it the perfect resting spot for ancestral spirits.

The Fongshuei arrangements of the Lotus Blossom Gardens have been perfected and balanced to create an elegant and somber environment. The building provides ample natural lighting, ventilation, and humidity control measures as well as accessibility traffic. Amenities offered are comprehensive, while simple parking areas are providedl. This site has thus achieved a perfect combination of traditional and modern architectural elements.

Lotus Blossom Gardens has a high ceiling and serve as the seats for Kitigarbha Buddha and Avalokiteśvara Buddha. The Columbarium includes 15,000 compartments for cinerary urns and 1,000 seats for ancestral spirit tablets. The pagoda also houses elevators and stairs to facilitate visitors to conduct memorial services and rituals.

Lotus Blossom Gardens are open all-year-round-with dedicated reception services from 8 AM to 5 PM for visitors paying respect to their ancestors.

Telephone: 06-6790201