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Yan Shuei-long

Master Yen Shuei-long was an extremely famous Taiwanese artist. Mr. Yen graduated from Xiaying Public School in the 35th year of the Meiji era (CE 1902) and studied western art in Japan and France. When he returned, Master Yen experienced a period of drastic changes for Taiwanese art. After World War II, Mr. Yen dedicated himself to the promotion of local art and crafts and helped to form the basis of art and crafts education in Taiwan.

Yan Cing-jhang 

Mr. Yan earned his Masters of Laws from the University of Michigan Law School and had served as the deputy chief and chief of the First Bureau of the Office of the President, Administrative Deputy Minister of Finance, Minister of Finance, and Permanent Delegate to the WTO. Mr. Yan is currently serving as the Chairperson of the Board of Yuanta Financial Holdings.

Li Ya-ciao

Graduated from the Department of Education of National Taiwan Normal University, Li previously served as a teacher, school inspector, village chief, provincial legislator, provincial committee member, and magistrate of Tainan County.


Hong Yu-cin

Graduated from the School of Law of Soochow University and National Doctor of Law, Hong served as a professor at Chinese Culture University, a legislator, and an Executive General of the Central Policy Committee of the KMT, and is currently serving as a Permanent Delegate to the Central Committee of the KMT.