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District Chief→Chief Secretary→Four Sections (General Affairs Section, Social Affairs Section, Agricultural and Infrastructure Section, and Civil Affairs and Humanities Section); 3 Offices (Civil Service Ethics Office, Accounting Office, and Personnel Office)

District Chief
Telephone: 06-6892104~5#101
Hotline: 06-6892019
Fax: 06-6893197

Chief Secretary
Telephone: 06-6892104~5#110
Hotline: 06-6790048

Civil affairs and Humanities Section 
Telephone: 06-6892104~5#121
Hotline: 06-6897649
Fax: 06-6890509

In charge of autonomous administration, elections, district-level disaster prevention and relief, village activity center management, environmental health advocacy, mediation services, funeral services, folk customs and religious rituals, ancestor worship guilds, military service administration, lands 37.5% arable rent reduction, civil defense, non-urban land control, Indigenous and Hakka affairs, library and records management, national education,spotrs, cultural arts, community art, celebrations and festivals, heritage sites and historical documents, tourism promotion, and other civil administration and humanities affairs.

Social Affairs Section
Telephone: 06-6892104~5#131
Hotline: 06-6898142
In charge of social administration, social welfare, social support, National Health Insurance, National Pension, work force administration, community development, community activity center operations and management, New Immigrant affairs, civil group consultation services, disaster victim accommodation, employment counseling, and other social administration affairs.

Agricultural and Construction Section 
Telephone: 06-6892104~5#161
Hotline: 06-6899525
Fax: 06-6892873
In charge of carrying out investigations and management of agricultural, forestry, fishing, and pastoral affairs, agricultural promotion, construction, traffic management, water works and road construction, building construction, maintenance, road lamps and roadside trees, construction and maintenance of sports halls and activity centers, inspection and reporting of illegal construction, park maintenance and administration, car park administration, industry and commercial administration, and other agricultural and construction affairs.

General Affairs Section 
Telephone: 06-6892104~5#321
Hotline: 06-6891262
Fax: 06-6792021
In charge of documentation, seals, records, general affairs, meetings,cashier, research,development, and evaluation, information technology, legal affairs, public relations, and affairs not relevant to other sections or offices.Personnel Office
Telephone: 06-6892104~5#201
Hotline: 06-6898070
Implement HR management in compliance to the relevant laws.


Accounting Office 
Telephone: 06-6892104~5#311
Hotline: 06-6897991
Implement annual budgeting, accounting, and statistics in compliance to the relevant laws.

Civil Service Ethics Office 
Telephone: 06-6892104~5#303
Hotline: 06-6897533
 Implement civil service ethics affairs according to law.