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Silk Blankets

Silk Blankets 
Xiaying offers hand-made blankets made using 100% silk. The Yingnong Brand silk blankets are guaranteed to be of the best quality and come in all shapes and sizes at competitive prices. 
Sales location: Xiaying and Jhongying supermarkets in partnership with the Xiaying District Farmer's Association Telephone: 06-6898496
Address: No. 301, Section 1, Jhongshan Road, Xinxing Village, Xiaying District  
Xiaying's Goose
Welcome! If you catch the whiff of this fine aroma, alight !-> Xiaying's Goose is subject to stringent quality controls. Smoked geese from Dinggang (area around Tamsuei harbor in northern Taiwan) are famous, and those from Xiagang (area around Anping harbor in southern Taiwan) are simply amazing. Xiaying's Goose is famed throughout Taiwan. Don't miss them for the world! 
Xiaying District's Farmer's Association hosts a Xiaying Goose Festival and Goose Feast as the region's unique cultural and specialty produce event.
Black Bean Sauce
Black Bean Sauce
Xiaying's black bean sauce uses Taiwan's Tainan No. 5 black beans that have been cultivated and improved by the Tainan District Farming Improvement and Counseling Service. These black beans are fermented in casks and then baked in the sun using traditional methods. The treated beans are then brewed using modern day equipment to create the famous black bean sauce known for its black coloration and fantastic taste. Telephone: 06-6898496
Address: No. 301, Section 1, Jhongshan Road, Xinxing Village, Xiaying District
Mulberry products
1. Pure mulberry extract: This pure mulberry extract is made using fresh and naturally harvested mulberries and rock sugar. Dilute 75-80% water to 25% juice and serve cold or with ice cubes. This drink provides a fresh sour-sweet taste that quenches thirst and boosts your appetite. 
2. Mulberry wine: 10% alcohol. Raw mulberry extracts undergo bio-tech yeast fermentation with no added alcohol. This high quality wine preserves the mulberry's rich nutritious contents, aroma, and color. 
3. Mulberry Vinegar: Made using fresh mulberries, this vinegar is created after a 6-month-long fermentation process by acetobacter. This all-natural food is alkaline in nature, and helps get rid of exhaustion, beautifies the skin, and improves the state of the digestive system.
Telephone: 06-6898496
Address: No. 301, Section 1, Jhongshan Road, Sining Village, Xiaying District