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Introduction of Sunny Day Dream Workshop

Sunny Day Dream Workshop of Tainan city is a platform which was established for the citizens with disabilities or disadvantages in Tainan. In order to display their creative handmade products, it was established since 2010 by the Bureau of Labor Affairs of Tainan City Government. The name of workshop is to hope people will find new lives and opportunities and face the positive side in their daily life.


In Sunny Day Dream Workshop, our partners use their creativities and crafts to make diverse products like: canvas bag, hand-made soap, Decoupage… etc. Many products were also selected by Tainan City Government as the official souvenir and some products also won the design prize of Cultural Affairs Bureau.


Now, Sunny Day Dream Workshop has 31 cube shops and above 2,000 works on the website. The list of cube shops is here[link]. For making their products be known by more people without any restrictions, Bureau of Labor Affairs of Tainan City Government has established the website, Facebook Pages and LINE@ where are also providing e-ordering service. If you are interested in our project or partners’ products, please contact us:

  • Official Website: https://minority.tainan.gov.tw/
  • Facebook Pages: https://zh-tw.facebook.com/tainan.minority
  • LINE@ Official Account: https://page.line.me/xat.0000184821.09r


We are waiting for your affirmative.