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Chinese immigrants were among one of those early pioneers in Yanshuei, which makes it one of the oldest streets established by the Han Chinese on the island. It functioned as a coastal port and an inland transfer station. Later on, because it was designated as a river port, it was further developed into a trading hub for importing handicraft products and commodities necessary for development. It was also responsible for exporting agricultural and processed agricultural products to mainland China. Therefore, in terms of industrial development, it is apparent that Yanshuei first placed its focus on trading and then later agriculture. It is especially true that when Japan occupied Taiwan, the sugar industry in the area even brought about considerable economic growth. Unfortunately, when the price of sugar dropped in the international market, and sugar manufacturers moved to other agricultural-centred countries, all Yanshuei could rely on is small-scale industry and agriculture to sustain itself.
Overview of development of industries:
1. Agriculture: an emphasis on grains (sorghum and maize) and tomatoes
2. Fishery: total area of fish farms extending 173.17 hectares in 2014
3. Animal husbandry: cows, chickens, ducks, and pigs as livestock with a focus on chickens
4.Industry and commerce: 60 registered factories by the end of 2013, including 9 in food manufacturing, 32 in basic metal industry accounting for 53%, 2 in textile and leather industries, 4 in biotechnology, and 9 in others.


Industry Animal husbandry
Industry Animal husbandry