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The district is located between Sinying District (Tainan) and Chiayi with Taiwan Provincial Highway 19 running through the area. To the east of Yanshuei is National Highway 1. The County Route 172 connects Yanshuei with Budai Township on the west and Sinying District on the east, whereas County Route 173 links it with Sinying on the south.


I. By train:

Stop at Sinying train station:

1. Walk to the bus stop across the street and take the city-bound Brown Line bus to

2. Take a taxi to Yanshuei.


II. By bus:

1. Bus:

(1) Take the city-bound bus Brown Line to Sinying, Yanshuei, Syuejia, and Jiali.

(2) Brown Line 1:

Sinying, Yanshuei, Nankunshen, Shuangchun.

(3) Brown Line 2:

Sinying, Yanshuei, Siajhong.

(4) Brown Line 3:

Sinying, Yanshuei, Nangangli.

2. Coach:

(1) Sinying Coach: Sinying, Yanshuei, Chiayi.

(2) Chiayi Coach: Yanshuei, Chiayi


III. Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR):

1. Stop at THSR Chiayi Station:

(1) Take the Yellow 9 Sinying Coach to Sinying coach station and transfer to the Brown Line cross-town bus to Yanshuei.

(2) Take a taxi (M-Taxi Co. Ltd. By phone: 0800-055-850; by mobile phone: 55178).

2. Stop at THSR Tainan Station:

(1) Take the Shalun Line of Taiwan Railways and stop at Tainan train station. Transfer to northbound trains and stop at Sinying train station, then take the Brown Line cross-town bus to Yanshuei across the train station.

(2) Take a taxi (Taiwan Taxi. By phone: 4058-8888; by mobile phone: 55688).

3. Car rental service:

A car rental service counter is available at THSR Chiayi Station and THSR Tainan Station. For more information, please see below.

(1) Hotai Leasing Corporation: 0800-024-550

(2) Carplus Auto Leasing Corporation: 0800-222-568

(3) AVIS Leasing Corporation: 0800-600-601


IV. By car:

1. From National Highway 1 (Sinying Interchange):

Take Fusing Road, Jhongsiao Road, and Nanmen Road to Yanshuei District.

2.Northbound to Yanshuei:

Take National Highway 1 and continue driving on Taiwan Provincial Highway 84. Exit at Jhaigang Interchange and proceed onto Taiwan Provincial Highway 19 to Yanshuei.

3. Southbound to Yanshuei:

Take National Highway 1 and proceed onto Taiwan Provincial Highway 82. Exit at Puzih Interchange and proceed onto Taiwan Provincial Highway 19 to Yijhu and Yanshuei.

4. From Taiwan Provincial Highway to Yanshuei:

Take Taiwan Provincial Highway 1 and proceed onto County Route 172 to Yanshuei.