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As the name suggests, Cattle Fair is the fair where people sold cattle. Cattle were very expensive livestock in the agricultural era, for their importance to families was comparable to that of family cars in modern days. The Cattle Fair established its position in the industry by becoming a hub for trading cattle. Yanshuei’s Cattle Fair, along with those of Beigang and Shanhua, was the biggest cattle fair in Taiwan, and therefore, its prosperity at that time was self-explanatory. Now, agriculture is no longer the dominant industry, and people do not trade cattle in the fairs. Modern vendors gather around Cattle Fair on the first, fourth, and seventh days each month in the form of a temporary market to sell farming products and homemade groceries. People can have a taste for fun by running the fairs.


Cattle Fair (Temporary Market) Cattle Fair (Temporary Market)
Cattle Fair (Temporary Market)
Cattle Fair (Temporary Market)