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Population and Culture

   It is estimated that Yanshuei had a population of 26,348 people in 2014, with men slightly outnumbering women.

  Yanshuei has a rich culture. An old proverb once described Yanshuei as a place which nurtures more scholars than businessmen. The locals meant to continue this culture, and therefore during the Japanese rule, a group of intellectuals founded Yuejin Poetry Society. They spared no efforts in preserving Han culture and helping to spread the lines of Eight Views of Yuejin, which were praised by the ancestors, in the form of poems. “The Eight Views of Yuejin” refer to the eight beautiful scenic spots in the past listed below.

1. Moonlight over Singlong Bridge: One can watch the bright moonlight reflected on the water over Singlong Bridge.

2. Jyupo boat lights: One can watch twinkling fishing boat lights from Jyupo pavilion.

3. Lotus blossoms in Yulian Temple: One can enjoy the heavenly beauty and heady scent of lotus blossoms, which in summer abound in the pond next to ancient Yulian Temple.

4. Morning sunlight at the East Gate: The morning sunlight over East Gate illuminates the earth and casts vibrant colours on the ground.

5. Spring water at Shihzih Temple: The mellow and sweet well water in Shihzih Temple makes the best dinner.

6. Trees rustling at Liren: Banyan trees around Liren Bridge grow well in the shade, rustling in the autumn breeze.

7. Red rabbits gazing into the moon: The description was given during Guangsyu period in the Cing Dynasty comparing the scenery of quiet green fields and irrigation ponds to rabbits. Sitting on the fields watching the moon and sipping great wine is another pastime choice.

8. Drumbeat-like croaking in Yue Pond: The croaking of frogs in Yue Pond is similar to drumbeats.


Singlong Bridge Jyupo Pavilion
Singlong Bridge Jyupo Pavilion