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As part of a lagoon area, the so-called Daofong enclosed sea, Yanshuei is surrounded by sea water on its east, west, and south sides, forming a shape of a crescent moon, and therefore, the name of “Yuejin (the port that has the shape of a crescent)” in Chinese. Since Yuejin Port Lantern Festival was first launched in 2011, it has been known for its breathtakingly unique views created by the moonlight reflected on the water, ambient light from lanterns, and the reflected glow cast by the two.

Yuejin Port Lantern Festival is all about creativity! The modern installation art has always been incorporated into the festival. Several international and domestic art groups have been invited to collaborate on the planning and designing of the surrounding area and the bridge. The Ciaonan Old Street, Wangye Lane, Liancheng Lane, and Octagonal Hall in the area are also included to form Lantern Alleyways while the lakeside and the trees are decorated in a “Twinkling World” theme. Yuejin Port Lantern Festival is one of a kind; it has successfully blended art harmoniously with the port, environment, the locals, and local culture.

The annual Yuejin Port Lantern Festival, which takes place in the Chinese New Year holidays, has attracted more than 600 thousand people in recent years. Due to its popularity, the festivities have been extended to almost one month. Yanshuei awaits your visit to indulge yourself in its rich history, culture, and the stunning views around Yuejin Port. Be it day or night, there is always something for everyone.


Yuejin Port Lantern Festival Yuejin Port Lantern Festival
Yuejin Port Lantern Festival
Yuejin Port Lantern Festival