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2019-05-04Anding Mothers Celebrated at Emotionally Touching Event
2019-04-12Anding District Signs Deal with Local Company to Ensure Residents Don’t Go Hungry When Disaster Strikes
2019-03-11Uninvited Rains Don’t Dampen the Spirit of Anding District’s Run for Health
2019-02-18Anding Holds Flood Drill for Inundated Roads and Emergency Shelters
2019-01-31Anding Cares for Elderly Who Live Alone
2019-01-28Local Philanthropists Team Up to Spread Warmth to Disadvantaged Families
2019-01-27Anding Welcomes the Year of the Pig with Spring Couplets and Earthquake Disaster Prevention Education
2018-12-17Over 3,000 Visitors Attend Sesame Industry and Culture Event
2018-11-09Li Mu-tan Showcases Genuinely Touching Artwork at Stairwell Gallery
2018-10-01Anding’s Annual Ground Golf Cup A Hole-in-One Hit
2018-08-06Anding District Holds 2018 Art Festival Activities in Village Community Activity Centers
2018-08-04Anding District Celebrates Model Fathers and Long-married Husbands
2018-07-23Kind-hearted Tainan Charity Comes to Anding to Drop Off Important Goods for Low Income Households
2018-06-29Anding Charity Organization’s Spirit of Compassionate Renovation Making Local Homes Safer
2018-06-06Anding Calls on Community to Prevent Dengue Fever by Wiping Out Mosquito Breeding Sites
2018-05-05Anding District Celebrates and Thanks Moms at Mother’s Day Event
2018-04-30All of Anding Runs for Health at District’s Annual Road Race
2018-04-11Local Philanthropist’s Love for Hometown Reflected By Donations to Schools and Disadvantaged Students
2018-03-28River Flood Control Drill Ensures All of Anding District Remains Vigilant for Potential Water Disasters
2018-03-18Local Charity Donates Goods, Books, and Gives Free Haircuts to Anding’s Disadvantaged Children and Marginalized Households